TAG Heuer is bringing back its stylish eyewear line

TAG Heuer glasses

The brand announced the comeback of its glasses and shades at LVMH Watch Week in Miami

TAG Heuer first got into the eyewear game back in 2002, when it iconic models like the Reflex and 27°. The brand ultimately discontinued the line in 2016, but now TAG has enlisted the expertise of LVMH’s famed Italian eyewear design team Thélios for an entirely new collection to kick off this year’s LVMH Watch Week in Miami.

The debut collection consists of five distinct models across three new lines: the Pro Performance, Sport Performance, and Daily Performance. As the name suggests, the Pro Performance shades blend cutting-edge technology with avant-garde design, resulting in glasses that excel in extreme conditions, whether on a surfboard or the tennis court. Then you have the Sport Performance line, offering the perfect balance of form and function for day-to-day activities from a weeknight jog to a Saturday on the golf course. Last but certainly not least, the Daily Performance collection has something for everyone, featuring all-occasion designs with a touch of sporty flare.

TAG Heuer glasses
Vingt-Sept Eyewear. Photo by TAG Heuer

With each of the five models across these three different lines, TAG Heuer makes some groundbreaking achievements in the way of design. For instance, the Shield Pro offers interchangeable lenses, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of glasses for various activities and environments. These advanced bio nylon lenses incorporate TAG Heuer’s high-contrast Specta technology and anti-dirt and hydrophobic treatment along with a unique precious metal coating that enhances visual clarity. Alternatively, the Vingt-Sept introduces the first-ever 3D metal frames, combining the strength and rigidity of metal with remarkable lightweight design.

TAG Heuer glasses
Canadian tennis pro Felix Auger Aliassime in TAG Heuer Eyewear. Photo by TAG Heuer

“The new TAG Heuer Eyewear line represents the pinnacle of high-end innovation and design,” shares Renato Montagner, Italian architect renowned for his designs driven by innovation, and TAG Heuer Eyewear’s creative director. “Each model upholds the highest standards, with high-performing materials and details designed for the optimal performance in all conditions. This results in an avant-garde aesthetic where the glasses are no longer tied to the function of use, drawing their style from the beauty of technology.”

Alongside the Shield Pro and Vingt-Sept, you’ll find the Line, offering a twist on the classic aviator; the Bolide, which embodies the sportive attitude of TAG Heuer; and the Flex, a nod to the brand’s original Reflex collection from the 2000s. The full collection of TAG Heuer eyewear has been unveiled today and will be available for purchase online and in select stores beginning in March.

This story was first published on Robb Report USA