Porsche taps Apple CEO Tim Cook to help reveal its Taycan Turbo GT

Porsche and Apple electrify the world of luxury with Taycan Turbo GT and Vision Pro integration

Revving up tech and luxury, Porsche unveiled the electrifying Taycan Turbo GT, leaving aficionados on the edge of their seats. The event featured an unexpected guest, Apple CEO Tim Cook, who connected the technological force of Apple to Porsche’s legacy of excellence. “Porsche has always been known for excellence, and we’re proud to see a number of our products play a role in what you do. And it’s so great to see Apple Vision Pro helping reimagine track experiences,” said Cook in the video.

Invoking the spirit of innovation, Cook hailed Apple Vision Pro’s integration within the high-performance EV’s experience, showcasing the crossroads of high-end automotive engineering and spatial computing. Porsche’s Kevin Giek, Vice President of the product line, resonated with Cook’s enthusiasm, highlighting the union between German perfection and Apple’s leading-edge tech: “It has been great to bring the best of German engineering and Apple’s inspiring product innovations together.”

The premiere video also gave viewers an inside look at the Taycan Turbo GT’s cockpit via Apple’s custom app for Vision Pro, boasting a 3D track model and vital stats—hinting at the future of immersive spectator experiences. Cook’s vision goes beyond the track, stating, “I believe deeply that spatial computing has the potential to revolutionise virtually every industry, and you’re showing one of the many ways Apple Vision Pro is going to make the impossible possible.”

Photo by Porsche

Apple’s and Porsche’s storied alliance extends back to integrations like the car-specific My Porsche app and Apple CarPlay. Now, with the added layer of Vision Pro, the two giants are setting new benchmarks, suggesting an enriched user experience for both Porsche enthusiasts and Apple lovers. The Taycan Turbo GT’s record-setting lap at the Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca amplifies the message that technology and performance are interlinked.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy motorhead or a luxury lifestyle devotee, the blend of Porsche’s powerhouse vehicles and Apple’s leading tech promise an exhilarating future—one that’s just a touch away on your iPhone or Apple Watch. As the tech and auto world’s eyes continue to be glued to these advancements, one can only speculate the next surprise Cook teased during the interaction with Porsche CEO Oliver.