Step aboard the only privately-owned residential yacht on Earth

The World is just like any luxury residence, except that it travels the globe on waters

It’s safe to say this isn’t your regular cruise. Boasting 165 private ‘cabins’ ranging from intimate studios to expansive three-bedroom apartments, the vessel carries much more than a stay on the high seas. The massive maritime residence is arrayed with amenities rivalling the finest resorts on land.

A state-of-the-art golf simulator to a regulation tennis court at sea, six exquisite restaurants, a spa, fitness center, and even a non-denominational chapel—the ship offers an unparalleled range of services. Residents explore new destinations daily and return to the comfort of their customised residences, eliminating the need for packing and unpacking. It’s the ultimate sojourn in total luxury, where every detail is attended to by a dedicated and experienced staff.

Unbeatable room views. Photo by The World

Choose your own adventure

What sets The World apart is not just its size and splendour, but the unique community it fosters. Over 150 residents from 20 countries come together, bonding over a shared passion for seeing the world. The ship’s yearly itinerary is actually crafted collaboratively, ensuring a blend of in-depth expeditions, one-of-a-kind experiences, and cultural enrichment.

In 2024, The World returns to Southeast Asia, a region it last visited in 2019. The ship will spend four months traversing India, Myanmar, and Thailand before making its much-anticipated stop in Singapore in May 2024. For those seeking a slice of this exclusive lifestyle, a limited number of private residences are available for resale, starting at US$2 million up to US$15 million.

Pool. Photo by The World®

Since its maiden voyage in 2002, The World has been a symbol of nautical excellence, and perhaps an investment in its own right. For those seeking an exceptional lifestyle that seamlessly blends luxury and adventure, The World is not just a boat but an exclusive retreat that sails in pursuit of the extraordinary.

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