Tokyo Gendai announces galleries and themed sectors for its second edition

By Low Weixian 21 June, 2024
tokyo gendai

Returning to Japan this July, the second edition of this contemporary art fair highlights a whopping 73 significant galleries from 20 countries across the globe

Building on a successful inception last year where it marked a new chapter in Japan’s contemporary art scene, Tokyo Gendai will take place at PACIFICO Yokohama from 3 to 7 July showcasing a multitude of presentations. Featuring emerging, established and historically significant artists worldwide, visitors are invited to discover and engage with Tokyo’s vibrant gallery scene through three themed sectors: Galleries, Hana ‘Flower’, and Eda ‘Branch’.

tokyo gendai
‘Zodiac Tiger’ by Ai Weiwei. Photo by Tang Contemporary Art


Pace Gallery, renowned for its global presence in spots like New York, London, and Geneva to name a few, is set to shine at Tokyo Gendai with a solo showcase of Robert Longo. This year, Pace will also inaugurate a new gallery in Tokyo. French gallery Ceysson & Bénétière, with locations in Paris, Lyon, Luxembourg, Geneva, New York, and Tokyo, will also debut its first Asian space in Tokyo this autumn.

Newcomers to the fair include Galerie EIGEN + ART from Leipzig and Berlin, Gallery EXIT from Hong Kong, and Kwai Fung Hin Art, also from Hong Kong. Returning favourites like Almine Rech, BLUM, Perrotin, Sadie Coles HQ, Taka Ishii Gallery, and SCAI THE BATHHOUSE will also grace the event. Highlights feature Tang Contemporary’s presentation of bronze sculptures by the illustrious Ai Weiwei, celebrated for his provocative, culturally reflective conceptual art.

‘Bird Memories 9’ by Yusuke Asai. Photo by ANOMALY

Hana ‘Flower’

In this sector, 20 galleries will spotlight emerging and mid-career artists with solo or dual presentations. Noteworthy among them is Alison Jacques (London), showcasing new works by British artist Sophie Barber, who melds Japanese symbols with Western art history for Tokyo Gendai 2024. Misako & Rosen (Tokyo) and The Green Gallery (Wisconsin) will feature Trevor Shimizu’s self-representational paintings.

Tokyo’s ANOMALY gallery presents “More Than Human,” featuring Yusuke Asai and Keisuke Tanaka, both examining life and nature’s interplay. Retro Africa (Abuja) highlights Nigerian artist Yusuff Aina, exploring themes of vulnerability, resilience, and personal growth.

tokyo gendai
‘PK95008’ by Kim Tschang-Yeul. Photo by PYO Gallery

Eda ‘Branch’

Eda, a dedicated sector of the fair for solo or multiple artist presentations by significant Asian figures, features nine galleries this year. Hailing from Seoul, PYO Gallery will present works by the late Kim Tschang-yeul, celebrated for his abstract water droplet paintings reflecting his yearning for his homeland, South Korea. VETA by Fer Francés (Madrid) will showcase bold paintings by Manuel Ocampo. The contemporary Filipino artist merges colonial iconography, Judeo-Christian themes, folk art, Spanish Catholicism, Manila’s underground culture, cartoons, and graffiti to provocatively reinterpret art history.

Expanding on the 2024 edition of Tokyo Gendai, four curated programmes will also be available. Guests can look forward to connecting and engaging with the art through Art Talk, a discussion series, or discover current social issues through the Tsubomi ‘Flower Bud’ exhibition. Sato ‘Meadow’ brings forth large-scale themed contemporary art installations, and finally, Ne ‘Root’ wraps up the art fair with a showcase of special presentations by prominent local foundations.