Travel innovations around the world we’re welcoming in 2018 and beyond

Augmented reality windows

It’s often said, “the future is now”. Technology hits its peak each day, pushing boundaries to make our lives better. On the travel front, tools have been developed for more precise navigation, and more importantly, precious travel time has been shaved off the clock, especially in the private aviation sector.

But make no mistake, aesthetics hasn’t been put on the back burner. In fact, quite the opposite. With beauty and technology complementing each other, sometimes even competing neck and neck, passengers are ensured a more enjoyable and comfortable journey, while enjoying a smoother, faster ride.

Boeing Business Jet
Enjoying a bird’s eye view from above

Boeing Business Jet’s SkyView Panoramic Window

Despite enjoying creature comforts like no other on a jet, there’s one thing private aviation passengers are subject to, just like commercial passengers: the unbelievably dull round windows. Thankfully, all that’s set to change with the SkyView Panoramic Window . Measuring 1.5 x 0.5m, these windows are about 40 per cent taller and three times wider than standard cabin window sizes. Produced by GKN Aerospace’s Fokker Technologies division, the windows are crafted in acrylic and coated with an abrasion-resistant layer.

Up to two pairs of windows (each has to be directly opposite the other) can be fitted into the aft sections of the BBJ, BBJ 2 and all BBJ Maxs.

Completions are expected in 2018.


Spike Aerospace
Say hello to supersonic flights

Spike S-512

Spike S-512 was developed in 2013 and promises to fly from New York to London in just three hours, putting the idea of trans-continental business lunches back on the table. The interior features a Multiplex Digital Cabin, allowing passengers to enjoy panoramic views outside the aircraft, a movie or even conduct a video conference on display screens that stretch through the main body of the plane. While the concept is similar to Technicon Design, the difference is that Spike Aerospace is working on making this a reality, inviting clients to reserve their own supersonic jet.

Spike Aerospace

Shinki-Shima Train
Is there anything the Japanese can’t do?

Shiki-Shima train

The Japanese are known for their efficiency and eye for detail. Both of which are represented in the country’s talk of the town, the Shiki-Shima train, which has redesigned a passenger’s journey from Tokyo to Hokkaido.

Designed to take just 34 passengers in 17 suites, it includes luxuries such as a fireplace and a piano room. Three suite choices are available, including a Shiki-Shima suite featuring two beds, a living room and a traditional wooden bathtub.

Tickets for a two-day trip for two start from ¥320,000 (S$4,030). You may wish to book early as the train is already fully booked until mid-April 2018.


Augmented reality windows
Check the weather on the app.. while looking out

Augmented reality windows By Hyperloop Transportation Technology

A tube-based transportation system for densely populated cities, Hyperloop works its magic using a reduction of air in the tube, accelerating to a top speed of 1,200km/h. The company is working with Deutsche Bahn — operator of Europe’s largest rail network — to develop an Innovation Train with interactive, augmented reality windows. Swipe and select apps to check the time, weather, route map or view your ideal landscape.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies