Wakuda Singapore, a new Japanese dining concept by Tetsuya Wakuda and John Kunkel, will debut at Marina Bay Sands this early 2022

Chef Tetsuya Wakuda

Wakuda Singapore, a crossroads of traditional and modern Japan, will also be opening at The Venetian in Las Vegas in spring 2022

In many ways, a good business partner is a reflection of the ideal significant other. Both parties complete each other and if you haven’t heard it enough, they bring out the best in one another. That’s how we feel about chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s plan for 2022. After more than a decade commanding Waku Ghin, one of Singapore’s most respected Japanese kitchens, he will be opening Wakuda Singapore with John Kunkel of 50 Eggs Hospitality Group, the same team behind the fried chicken haven, Yardbird Table & Bar.

Wakuda Singapore, which will be the chef’s second restaurant at Marina Bay Sands, will debut in early 2022 as an evolution of his restaurants to date. Not much has been said about the concept, but we have been told that it will be a “game changer” in the local dining scene. It will also be the crossroads of traditional and modern Japan, whether it be the cuisine, design or art. It is still in development (getting the team together included), but rest assured that it will stay true to Tetsuya’s food philosophy – in other words, it will always be more than just about the looks.

As for how excited he is about the debut…

“Wakuda is something that I have been envisioning for a while now, especially since both my restaurants – Tetusya’s [in Sydney] and Waku Ghin – have established themselves as mainstays over the last decade. When John and 50 Eggs first approached me to create a new Japanese dining concept, I had already known the group as a success in many iconic restaurant brands across the USA. It has been an interesting journey in the meeting of both our cultures, from brainstorming on the restaurant design or menu, down to how our food should be served. I am most excited to go out there to source for new ingredients that I may bring to Wakuda, and I am excited to see the results of our synergy.”