An olfactory evening with AMAFFI

Robb Report Singapore chaperoned an exclusive group of readers–taking them on an olfactory journey at AMAFFI Perfume House

In April, luxury perfume house AMAFFI rolled out the red carpet for select readers of Robb Report Singapore at an exclusive experiential journey. Within the luxurious confines of the AMAFFI boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, a unique olfactory experience awaited the illustrious guests.

The session commenced with rounds of champagne, welcoming to guests to the event. Meanwhile, the maison’s scent experts guided them through the intricate layers and notes that define each fragrance. The air buzzed with murmurs of approval as our readers delved into each scent that has been meticulously crafted by AMAFFI’s master perfumers.

After immersing in the world of fragrances, the impeccably dressed cognoscenti were escorted to the newly opened The Singapore Edition Hotel. The transition from a sensory experience centred on fragrances to one that engaged all senses was seamless. Guests were led into a dining hall where the decor subtly echoed elements of the AMAFFI fragrances they’d just encountered. The menu for the night, too, echoed the artful fastidiousness of the Maison’s perfumes, pampering guests with unforgettable gastronomic pleasures.

The AMAFFI event at Marina Bay Sands, followed by the dinner at The Singapore EDITION, was more than just an evening—it was a journey through luxury, style, and sensory pleasure. It was a testament to AMAFFI’s dedication to creating experiences that resonate on a personal level, ensuring that each guest left with not just a memory, but an inspiring story to tell.

Raline Shah, Ginny Chew, Marilyn Lum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Queenie Lee, Wendy Long, and Kane Black. Photo by AMAFFI

The exceptional evening’s symphony of mesmerising scents, eye-catching displays and exquisite menu was designed to bring the guests on a journey through luxury, style, and sensory pleasures. While guests undoubtedly left with a deeper understanding of AMAFFI’s creations, all emerged from the evening with treasured memories and inspiring encounters to last a lifetime.