Audemars Piguet and Whitepod hotel team up to create a luxury suite in the Swiss Alps

Take a look at the most luxurious eco-resort in the Swiss Alps

Given Audemars Piguet’s fastidious eye for design, it’s likely to create a very impressive hotel suite. So concluded Whitepod, an idyllic eco-resort in the Swiss Alps, which recently enlisted the Swiss watchmaker to help develop a new nature-focused oasis for its guests.

Established in 2004, Whitepod is comprised of 18 private pods that are perched on the Dents-du-Midi mountain range, at an altitude of nearly 1,402 metres. The resort, which is at the intersection of luxury and sustainability, was inspired to incorporate the creative prowess and meticulous craftsmanship that fellow Swiss brand AP has exemplified since 1875 into its new Timeless Suite.

Of course, the watch brand is no stranger to the hospitality biz. It opened its own 50-room Swiss inn called Hôtel des Horlogers in 2005; it was razed in 2018 to make space for a new 7,000-square-metre hotel that will be designed by noted architect Bjarke Ingels (it’s slated to reopen in 2022).

Whitepod Timeless Suite
The pod offers breathtaking mountain views

To make things interesting, AP held a competition to find the best budding design firms to execute the project. After careful consideration, the perennial tastemaker landed on Bénédicte Meynet and Singal Depéry-Moesch. The duo then set about creating a cushy domed cocoon that blends seamlessly with the Alpine landscape.

To give guests a true “multi-sensory experience,” the bubble has an array of special touches to stimulate all five senses. The Swiss pine used throughout emanates a calming, woody aroma, while the fluffy, wool carpet and organic concrete give you a chance to enjoy contrasting textures. Throughout the stay, you can sip on artisanal teas and listen to a soothing soundtrack featuring either birds, water or wind to help you relax. The lights also pulse in sync with the soundscape to create a meditative atmosphere. To top it off, the outdoor terrace is fitted with a private Nordic bath from which you can soak in the mountain views.

Whitepod Timeless Suite
Enjoy your very own Nordic bath

“AP’s brand presence is discrete in the pod,” Whitepod COO Hugo Pozzo di Borgo tells Robb Report. “There are no watches or specific watch designs, except the bathroom is in green and grey mineral colors, related to AP’s corporate colours. However,” he notes, “the architecture is based on a watchmaking concept called ‘cardiac coherence.’ Ancestral mechanical watches have a rhythm, like a metronome, on which the heart beats. With the light and sound experience – three different types of music and lighting – based on this cardiac coherence, guests of the suite can relax or meditate in a natural way.”

So while AP aficionados may not find any specific watch-related furnishings in the suite, perhaps that’s the point: This is your time to unwind. The Timeless Suite starts at approximately US$1,626 (S$2,209) per night, which includes breakfast for two and a bottle of Champagne to enjoy in-room.

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