The Belvedere 10 is a single-estate rye expression that makes sipping vodka an enjoyable thing to do

Made from one rye, one harvest, one field and one farm, the beauty of Belvedere 10 boils down to its 10 rigorous steps and a recipe that hails from 1910

Not all vodkas are empty vessels for cheap mixers. It’s a spirit that can be soft, elegant and full of flavour, making it the perfect sipping drink to end a day with. For the uninitiated, Belvedere is a no-brainer. Standing at the pinnacle of a 600-year Polish distilling tradition, it is the product of great pride in craft, quality and heritage. It pioneered the notion that terroir exists in vodka, and sets the benchmark for what luxury vodka should be.

Bringing luxury to greater heights is a “10-level tall” bottle of Belvedere 10. Inspired by the first recipe the Polmos Żyardów distillery produced in 1910—the same distillery Belvedere took over in 1993—this is a single-estate rye vodka that’s a class of its own. Made from one rye, from one harvest, from one field, from one farm, no Belvedere 10 is complete without its 10 rigorous steps, from the rare variety of grain used to the 10-month resting period. No more, no less. Sip it neat or over the rocks, and you’ll find it soft and lovely on the nose, coating your palate with a creamy smoothness that’s quite one of a kind.

Nausicaa Charrier, marketing director of Moët Hennessy Diageo (Singapore and Malaysia), tells us more.

The Belvedere 10 is faceted like a diamond, a nod to the organic Dankowskie Diamond Rye used. Photo by Belvedere


What makes Belvedere 10 an exceptional vodka that can’t be rivalled?

Belvedere 10 is more than just a vodka; it’s a groundbreaking masterpiece that marries taste,  innovation and artistry in a way that’s unparalleled. From its architecturally stunning bottle to the rare organic Dankowskie Diamond Rye at its core, every aspect of Belvedere 10 reflects perfection and  sophistication.

How did Belvedere discover this special variety of rye?

Belvedere’s journey with Dankowskie Diamond Rye began with a commitment to sourcing only  the finest ingredients. Through extensive research and collaboration with agricultural experts, we identified the exceptional quality of Diamond Rye grown in northeast Poland.

While vodka production lacks the complexities of ageing or barrel influence, it presents its unique challenges in achieving purity and depth of flavour. Despite Dankowskie Diamond Rye’s lower starch content and higher carbohydrate levels, which traditionally pose hurdles in alcohol production, our exploration revealed a remarkable outcome. Post-distillation, the alcohol attains a heightened intensity of flavour, enriching Belvedere’s distinctive profile.

How is the 10-step journey to Belvedere 10 more intense than the average vodka recipe?

Typically, traditional vodka is made from two raw materials—water and ethanol from the  fermentation of cereal grains—with many other brands in the market using base ingredients like potatoes or sugar beets with additives to achieve a distinctive character in their spirits.

Belvedere 10 undergoes a unique 10-month resting period and four rounds of  distillation. The 10-month resting period serves to enhance its texture, flavour and smoothness, allowing the spirit to reach its peak of perfection. This deliberate approach pays homage to our heritage and ensures that each sip of Belvedere 10 embodies the timeless essence of our craftsmanship. Moreover, Belvedere 10 is organic and free from additives, ensuring a pure and unparalleled  drinking experience.

How long did it take to perfect this recipe for perfection?

Perfecting the recipe for Belvedere 10 was a journey that spanned years of experimentation,  expertise, and dedication to excellence. Each iteration underwent rigorous testing until our master distillers were confident that Belvedere 10 had reached its pinnacle of flavour and smoothness.

How will it capture a new generation of discerning tastemakers?

Belvedere 10 is tailor-made for individuals who exude confidence, intelligence and a penchant for  the extraordinary. Our audience craves novelty and embraces boldness, embodying the spirit of  our times. Through innovative storytelling and strategic partnerships with cultural influencers,  Belvedere 10 beckons the next wave of tastemakers to immerse themselves in the timeless  sophistication of premium vodka.

What should one pair with a glass of Belvedere 10?

Belvedere 10 is ideally enjoyed neat or on the rocks, served slightly chilled to accentuate its  intricate flavour profile. For an exquisite culinary experience, we suggest pairing Belvedere 10 with  delicacies such as caviar, lobster and oysters.

Yours for S$670. Belvedere 10 is available at top international dance clubs, hotels and bars in Singapore. Discover more here