You’ve been eating caviar wrongly all your life

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe’s Caviar Bar & Restaurant

All about eggs

Just how many ways are there when it comes enjoying caviar? Well, to each his own, as they say. But according to Alexander Dmitriev, Maitre D and vodka sommelier of Caviar Bar & Restaurant in Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, there are only two ways to fully enjoy the creamy delicacy.

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe’s Caviar Bar & Restaurant

Being Russian, Dmitriev’s first method is no doubt a Russian-style, pairing caviar with vodka. While that may not be as popular, he recommends the ‘better’ option, caviar with Champagne.

“The sensation of delicate bubbles on the tongue is similar to that of eggs bursting – the gentle saltiness of the caviar is perfectly set off by the discreet and refreshing acidity of the Champagne,” he explains.

To help diners fully appreciate the pairing, Belmond Grand Hotel Europe’s Caviar Bar & Restaurant has partnered Dom Perignon to offer a unique caviar and champagne experience.

A sommelier on hand will advise on champagne and caviar pairings based on each guest’s preference. Select from over 12 exclusive Dom Perignon labels, including the Dom Perignon Vintage 2006 (€49, S$73 per glass, and €325, S$485 per bottle) and prized Dom Perignon P2 vintage 1998, warm liquid gold that bursts with citrus, honeysuckle and roasted almonds.

Fifteen caviar varieties are available, and for this special occasion, the restaurant has crafted a truly egg-ceptional dish. Egg in Egg (€49, S$73) blends a chicken egg with sturgeon’s roe and fused with truffle oil to create a scrambled egg. The dish is then topped with black or red caviar.

Of course, should you be interested in experiencing life like a Russian, the restaurant serves more than 35 varieties of vodka. The restaurant has even designed a cocktail that promises to cure a hangover — vodka infused with pine nuts, garlic and peppers — so you don’t have to worry about the after effects of downing too much Champagne. Sounds perfect.

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