Bjarke Ingels unveils a treetop hotel room in Sweden covered with 350 bird houses

bjarke ingels biosphere

The Biosphere is designed to help increase the bird population in the Swedish woods

From a museum made out of Legos to a pixelated office located in the metaverse, it’s clear Bjarke Ingels Group knows how to design outside the lines. And now we have further proof.

The world-famous firm, which is headed up by Danish starchitect Bjarke Ingels, has just unveiled a new room for the renowned Treehotel in Sweden that’s sure to ruffle a few feathers for all the right reasons.

bjarke ingels biosphere
The Biosphere

Suspended in the Harads pines, the treetop abode was designed to enhance the surrounding biosphere via a façade of birds’ nests. Penned in partnership with ornithologist Ulf Ohman, the aptly named Biosphere aims to increase the bird population in the Swedish woods by providing a habitat for our feathered friends.

“Forestry has led to a reduced number of natural holes in trees where breeding birds nest,” Ohman said in a statement. “The installation of bird nests is, therefore, an important measure to take.”

Accessed by a suspended bridge, the glass-clad cabin will be wrapped in a biological habitat consisting of 350 birdhouses that vary in size according to bird type. Inside, meanwhile, the 34 sqm living space will feature a rich, dark palette and organic materials inspired by the landscape. Designed for two, the Biosphere offers a double bed and all the quintessential creaturely comforts.

The highlight is the rooftop terrace that offers panoramic vistas of the forest and teeming birdlife below. Naturally, guests can also expect soothing bird songs and ample opportunities for birdwatching.

The Biosphere is actually the eighth hotel room on the property. The seven others—which were designed by some of Scandinavia’s most renowned architects, including Snøhetta, Rintala Eggerstsson and Tham & Videgard—each have their own distinct identity that reacts differently with the forest. To give you an idea, there’s one that’s a giant UFO. There’s also a particularly striking mirrored cube.

The Biosphere is set for completion in May at which point Bjarke Ingles can add another feather to his cap.

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Bjarke Ingels x Treehotel