At Cartier, the design always begins with the stone. Here’s how it fares

Cartier necklace with diamonds and an emerald

Jardin Variety

Spiked with influences from different chapters in Cartier’s jewellery-crafting history, Resonances de Cartier showcases a stunning array of exquisite stones including one pillow-shaped Colombian emerald weighing 140.21 carats.

Nestled among rows of brilliant-cut diamonds, this mesmerising centre stone exhibits a soft glow that allows its natural inclusions – also known as jardins – to be properly admired.

There are two ways to wear this dazzling masterpiece named the Hyperbole: as a necklace or as a tiara.

Likewise, a number of other creations in this high jewellery collection have two different facets.

The Eurythmie bracelet features articulated gold scales that display diamonds on one side and lapis lazuli on the other, while Rythmic is a necklace with a centrepiece that can be detached and worn as a brooch.