COTY 2016 contender: Range Rover Sport

COTY 2016 contender: Range Rover Sport

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When it comes to the Range Rover Sport, Land Rover prides itself on luxury, comfort and practicality, all of which didn’t go unnoticed by the judges. Quah Ban Huat and Quah De Ye were impressed by its overwhelming classiness. Jes Wong also reiterated the point above, saying that a Range Rover owner is someone who has an appreciation for tasteful, quality cars. And being an SUV, a rather large one at that, it has an impressive amount of space, both for goods or the family. “I like big cars for the amount of space they offer, especially when I need to bring around a lot of things,” said Natalie Kuan.


Spencer Ong thought the Sport in its moniker was well deserved, saying, “It’s the first SUV I’ve driven in a while and the first Range Rover. I was impressed with the power from its supercharged engine and the handling was pretty good too.”

Geoffrey Eu, too, liked its onroad manners and exterior styling, but unlike Kuan, thought its size was unwieldy in the Singaporean context. Other points that our judges brought up was that it had a bit of a frumpy image.

However, all the judges agreed that the Range Rover Sport had great amounts of comfort and refinement.

In addition to that, it has heritage behind it. Tay Liam Wee commented, “It’s a classic. It’s the king of SUVs,” and Arjunan Kulasegaram billed it as a “class benchmark”. In short, while newer SUVs like the Jaguar F-Pace or Porsche Cayenne might be superior in terms of performance, what they don’t have as much of is heritage, a quality almost all our judges agreed the Range Rover Sport has.

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