200-year-old Daimon Brewery collaborates with DualMint to tokenise traditional Japanese sake

Toji NFT holders will be given a bottle of Toji Series annually over the next three years

Here’s something cool for sake and blockchain lovers alike. DualMint, a pioneer in blockchain innovation and specialist in real-world asset tokenisation, just launched its latest NFT in collaboration with Daimon Brewery—a craft sake brewery with a love of local mountain water and a history that dates back to 1826 Osaka.

By tokenising sake, DualMint will bridge the gap between traditional retail and the world of Web3, and enrich the global market with greater deliciousness. It believes in the transformative power in blockchain technology, and by tokenising real-world assets, consumers can gain access to a verified record of their purchases with greater trust and transparency.

Which brings us to the Toji NFT Special Edition, designed to offer sake enthusiasts a gateway to tradition and digital innovation. Only 2,000 NFTs are available and Toji NFT holders will be delivered a bottle of Toji Series annually over the next three years. For context, the Toji Series is a highly sought-after limited edition that blends old koshu with freshly made sake, thus creating the unique flavour profile that shot it to fame. In fact, previous bottlings have seen great success at auctions before.

Toji NFT holders will also get 20 per cent off products at the brewery, VIP passes to an annual sake festival in Osaka, access to tastings and other benefits. Visit DualMint for details on joining the Toji NFT whitelist.

Daimon Brewery