For the first time ever, Don Julio is offering collectors the chance to own a limited-edition release via an online BlockBar auction

By Hannah Choo 8 June, 2024

There are five Don Julio 1942 expressions, each with a starting bid of US$35,000

Love tequila? Bottles and bottles of it? Then perhaps you’d love this. Don Julio, a leader in luxury tequila, is offering collectors around the world the opportunity to own new, limited-edition Don Julio 1942 expressions. The five expressions, each finished in casks that previously held bourbon, ruby port, orange wine, Madeira and Crémant, is currently available via an online auction on BlockBar, happening now until 20 June 2024. Each cask will be bottled into 40 cases of six 750ml bottles, and can be redeemed a year after the auction.

Sophie Kelly, senior vice president of Global Tequila and Mezcal Categories of Diageo, and Jamie Ritchie, COO of BlockBar give us a little insight.

What was the push factor for auctioning tequila?

Sophie Kelly (SK): It’s such an exciting time for the tequila category, fuelled by a growing demand for premium expressions and experiences sought by consumers who look to engage with our award-winning tequila. The last few years have seen unparalleled growth in the category and Don Julio has pioneered the way in the ultra-premium and luxury tequila space.

Don Julio 1942 stands as the ultimate luxury expression within tequila. We wanted to ensure rare spirit collectors and enthusiasts around the world were able to participate in the inaugural release of limited-edition expressions of Don Julio 1942. By leveraging the global reach of BlockBar’s platform, we are opening the doors to this historic opportunity for a global audience.

What makes this particular release even more thrilling is the addition of an exciting and competitive edge for luxury buyers through an auction format in the digital marketplace. It’s not just about acquiring a new expression, but the thrill of the chase, excitement of the bid and satisfaction of securing a piece of Don Julio history and legacy.

What makes Don Julio 1942 so special?

SK: Don Julio 1942 truly speaks for itself. We have a meticulous process that we never deter from, which includes the seven to 10 years wait for the 100 per cent Blue Weber agave to grow and 2.5 years of ageing in American white oak. Be it nightlife, milestone events or red carpet moments, the iconic bottle always graces the VIP tables and bars on these occasions. We know people love celebrating their special moments with Don Julio 1942 and we’re always there to make it feel even more special, just as the liquid is precious to us.

What brought about the five finishes?

SK: Each of the five Don Julio 1942 expressions were carefully selected by our team of distillers to best complement and enhance certain intricacies of its flavour profile. The five casks used previously held spirits and wine varietals known for their exceptional craftsmanship, equating to the same level of uncompromising commitment to quality and dedication that goes into creating Don Julio 1942. Collectors will have the opportunity to be the first to experience Don Julio 1942 in a novel and exciting way, encouraging them to further explore the category through a unique flavour journey that’s never been tasted before.

How quickly will the bottles be shipped to the owners?

Jamie Ritchie (JR): The NFTs can be redeemed from June 2025 and can be shipped to over 30 countries at the time.

How high do you expect the bids to go?

JR: Each cask is its own auction lot and will be bid on individually. The outcome of auctions are difficult to predict, but the uniqueness, rarity and innovative nature of these new finishes, along with the loyal following for Don Julio 1942, means that there is a lot of excitement and we are optimistic for a strong result across all five finishes.

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