Extraordinary luxury gifts for the person who has it all: Achille Salvagni, Tiffany & Co., Trent Preszler and more

By Robb Report 15 December, 2021

Looking for that elusive gift for a person who has it all? You’ve come to the right place

As part of Robb Report’s annual Ultimate Gift Guide, our editors have sourced truly incredible luxury objects across categories, from a classic Tiffany & Co. Bird on a Rock brooch by Jean Schlumberger, and a bespoke canoe by master craftsman Trent Preszler. If those don’t catch your eye, how about a rare 19th century French chateau that’s boxed up and ready for delivery anywhere in the world, or perhaps a set of six brass-movement timepieces by legendary watchmaker F.P. Journe? Whatever you choose, you can be sure the recipient will be absolutely blown away (even if that recipient is you).

Achille Salvagni Furniture

Design a one-of-a-kind furnishing with Achille Salvagni

A common thread throughout Achille Salvagni’s furniture is that it’s all meticulously crafted by master Italian artisans, some of whom seldom, if ever, lend their talents to any other atelier. One Robb Report reader will have the rare chance to create a custom piece with Salvagni and this exclusive troupe, a roster that includes bronze specialists whose families have worked in the Vatican for generations, and cloistered nuns whose embroidery tradition dates back to the 12th century.

You’ll first travel to London for a one-on-one design consultation with Salvagni at his new atelier in Mayfair. The acclaimed Italian architect and designer will consider every detail, from the best quarry to source stone to the ideal lacquer artist to commission for a cabinet. You’ll get a sneak peek at his next collection before it’s exhibition in his showroom and receive a signed copy of his monograph. The furnishing will take about four months to be completed—this level of craftsmanship can’t be rushed, after all—but you’ll be involved in the creation process via Zoom every step of the way. Prices start from US$35,000 (S$47,811); contact london@achillesalvagni.com for more enquiries. 

Achille Salvagni

Wilfredo Rosado Earrings

Jewellery and portrait by Wilfredo Rosado and David LaChapelle

New York–based Puerto Rican jewellery designer Wilfredo Rosado first met photographer David LaChapelle in the early 1980s, when both were members of Andy Warhol’s entourage. Their 40-year friendship underpins this gift, which sees these creative minds partnering on a never-to-be-repeated project for one Robb Report reader.

Rosado is known for his subversive, witty riffs on luxury: Note how he nodded to the chains favored by hip-hop artists in the pearl necklace he designed for Vice President Kamala Harris to wear when she took her oath of office at the 2021 inauguration. He’ll bring that same sensibility to a bespoke piece designed in concert with you, though he won’t simply invite you over to his atelier. Instead, Rosado will whisk you first-class on Emirates to Milan, which he knows well from his former longtime role as Giorgio Armani’s fashion director. After showing off the city, he’ll lead a trip to the jewellery-making center of Valenza, where your piece will be crafted.

Eight weeks later, once the jewel is finished, LaChapelle will take the reins. The photographer, who has captured countless celebrities, from Mariah Carey to Hillary Rodham Clinton, in highly stylized portraits, will conduct a two-day portrait shoot—the ideal time to spotlight that brand-new heirloom-to-be. Hair and makeup, plus a local stylist, will be part of the experience, and when you’re not under the lights, you can relax in your suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Rosado and LaChapelle together will host a celebratory dinner to cap off the experience. The personalised framed portrait will be delivered four weeks later. The price of US$600,000 (S$817,680), includes first-class air travel, hotel accommodations, airport transfers, spa service, meals, local transportation and portrait. Jewellery materials and production not included; contact gabriela@wrosado.com for enquiries.

Watchbox F. P. Journe Watches

Watchbox, one of the largest pre-owned watch dealers in the world, is known for having a vault of coveted and collectible models from the hottest independent makers—in addition to the usual suspects from big-name brands. The Philadelphia-based company is offering one Robb Report reader a unique opportunity to acquire a set of six F. P. Journe watches, something even the most connected collectors would be hard-pressed to score in one fell one swoop. The collection includes an Octa Calendrier, a Chronomètre à Résonance, an Octa Chronographe, an Octa Réserve de Marche, a Tourbillon Souverain and an Octa Lune.

“This ultra-rare collection represents the foundation of F. P. Journe as a brand and includes six extraordinary pieces with 38 mm platinum cases, 18-karat yellow- gold dials and brass movements,” says Danny Govberg, cofounder and executive chairman of Watchbox. “F. P. Journe, the man, is one of the finest living watchmakers of our time, and he has rightfully earned the respect of the global watch community. All six of these watches could take years to find and collect individually.”

That may be an understatement given Journe’s skyrocketing trajectory in the marketplace. The company is reportedly nearly sold out of its inventory through 2023, and prices have been exploding on the secondary market: A 38 mm platinum-cased Chronomètre à Résonance “Souscription” from 2000, with an estimate between S$119,134 and S$238,542, sold for S$1,495,000 at Phillips in 2020, and a 38 mm Tourbillon Souverain “Souscription” from 1999, which had a top estimate of S$447,100 went for S$2,0127,40 in the same auction.

The six watches from Watchbox are an exceedingly rare opportunity to own a chunk, rather than a piece, of watchmaking history that, given the current market, may continue to rise in value. Consider the fact that Journe stopped producing yellow-gold dials and brass movements in 2004 and put a halt to 38 mm models in 2015, and you have yourself one of the most exceptional offerings that money can, immediately, buy. Yours for US$3 million (S$4.9 million); contactrr@thewatchbox.com for enquiries.


Turnbull & Asser Shirts

A wardrobe of bespoke Turnbull & Asser shirts

The foundation of any great outfit is a superlative shirt, and Turnbull & Asser’s are among the finest one can own. Founded in 1885, the British Royal Warranted haberdasher has dressed distinguished men from Winston Churchill to Pablo Picasso and Sean Connery. The brand’s bespoke service represents the very height of its abilities and, exclusively for Robb Report readers, the company will provide a collection of its best shirts, made expressly for you. After a fitting at the New York or London stores, you will make selections from over a thousand fabrics—everything from linen to cashmere flannel—25 collar and cuff options, 20 monogram styles and various collar linings. Your specified designs will be handmade in Turnbull & Asser’s workshops and dispatched to your door, two at a time, every month for a year. Whether you stick to the classics or opt for something unusual in each delivery, you can rest assured that your wardrobe will always be stocked in style. Prices start from US$11,160 (S$15,212); Contact bespoke@turnbullandasser.co.uk or bespoke@turnbullandasser.com for more enquiries.

Turnbull & Asser

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