Fred introduces Jin of BTS as its new global brand ambassador

By Amos Chin 9 July, 2024

While IVE’s singer, Jang Wonyoung serves as the Korean brand ambassador of Maison Fred, BTS’s Jin takes on the role of global brand ambassador

Known for his infectious smile and heartfelt humour, Jin embodies the exuberance that resonates deeply with the spirit of Maison Fred. Both considerate and committed, he also mirrors the values of the brand’s founder, Fred Samuel, whose legacy is marked by an unwavering optimism and passion for life.

“We are very proud to welcome BTS’ Jin into the Fred family. His radiant energy, artistic qualities, values, and high standards constantly push him to excel, strongly resonating with those of our Maison and our founder Fred Samuel, with whom he shares an unwavering optimism and joie de vivre,” expresses Valérie Samuel, Fred’s vice president and artistic director. We are looking forward to working with him and unveiling our future projects together.”

BTS’ Jin, Fred’s global brand ambassador – look 1. Photo by Fred

Reflecting on his new role, Jin shares, “I am deeply honoured and grateful to be part of the Fred family as the new global brand ambassador. Please look forward to the future endeavours we will bring through the partnership.”

Jin’s effortless blend of contemporary chic and casual style harmonises perfectly with the modern individuality of Maison Fred creations. His collaboration with the esteemed jeweller promises a dazzling journey, each piece reflecting the unique sparkle of The Sunshine Jeweller’s legacy. With a shared commitment to artistry, elegance, and a zest for life, the collaboration is set to illuminate the world of luxury jewellery with unparalleled brilliance.