Harley-Davidson is selling a limited edition of its first e-bike. Only 650 units will be made

Harley Davidson Mosh/Tribute

The company’s e-bike outfit, Serial 1, will make 650 units of its Mosh/Tribute

Harley-Davidson originally said the attractive first build from its new e-bike company was nothing more than a “styling exercise.” Turns out the company changed its mind.

On Monday, the American motorcycle manufacturer’s e-bike outfit, Serial 1, revealed that it would offer a limited-edition version of its inaugural model. Dubbed the Mosh/Tribute, the bike, like the prototype, is an aesthetic homage to Harley-Davidson’s oldest motorcycle, the Serial Number One, first built in 1903.

The e-bike, which is available in three sizes to accommodate riders of different heights, features a glossy midnight black paint job. Its white Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires, made exclusively for Serial 1, were designed for low-rolling resistance and good shock absorption. Meanwhile, the model’s hand-crafted leather seat and matching grips, made by Brooks England, add a nostalgic touch to the design.

The e-bike’s specialised appearance is what makes it one of a kind. However, its specs are an exact match of Serial 1’s first e-bike release, the Mosh/CTY. Both bikes run on the same Brose S MAG motor, which features a brushless internal rotor and produces up to 89Nm of torque and a top speed of 32 km/hr. They also use a Gates carbon belt drive, which helps riders avoid the need for frequent lubrication or chain adjustments. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes use two-piston calipers and 203 x 1.88 mm brake rotors that work in all-weather conditions. Both bikes use a single-speed freewheel hub for a direct connection between the rider and the road.

The Mosh/Tribute’s eco-mode supplies a gentle assist in flat and favourable conditions, while the tour mode optimizes assistance and battery use under mixed riding conditions. There’s also a sport mode, which helps you get out of corners or over rolling hills. And with boost mode, users can climb steep hills or get through long periods of sustained effort. Bright LED headlamps on the model’s handlebar and brake lights on the bike’s frame dropouts help make the rider more visible to passing cars from the rear.

The Mosh/Tribute uses a 529 lithium-ion battery that allows riders to travel a range of 56 to 169 kilometres before needing a recharge, depending on what mode you’re in and how much you pedal. While on the bike, owners can charge its battery using a charging port located on the frame downtube – or by easily removing it for off-bike charging. The battery can charge from dead to 75 per cent capacity in 2:36 hours, and from 75 to 100 per cent in an additional 2:06 hours.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order a Mosh/Tribute now for US$5,999 (S$8,105) on Serial 1’s website. The company is only making 650 units of the model, selling half in the US and the other half in Europe. Deliveries are expected to reach buyers by the end of the year.

Serial 1

This story was first published on Robb Report USA