Interior designer Katharine Pooley’s 10 tips for a better home office

katharine pooley

Easy home office improvement tips by luxury interior designer Katharine Pooley

We had a feeling this would come. As of 21 April 2020, Singapore earned itself an extra month of lockdown time. Meaning, until 1 June 2020, we will be missing our friends, the bar and our favourite restaurants. But alas, home is where the heart is, and what better time to embark on a home improvement project than now? After all, since you’re working from home, you should want a space that is comfortable, pleasant and will encourage productivity. And if you’re strapped for ideas, no problem. Interior designer Katharine Pooley has some tips here to get you started.

katharine pooley

Katharine Pooley, award-winning interior designer from Chelsea, London

Tip #1

“Make it personal. Add artwork, framed photos, colourful flowers and objects you associate with happy memories. Even though you are working, this is your home, [so] make it feel happy.”

katharine pooley
A statement lamp is everything

Tip #2

“Add a statement lamp. It’s the easiest way to make your desk more elegant.”

Tip #3

“Bronze and gold accents work well with soft neutrals to instantly freshen your work area.”

katharine pooley
Screensavers are more useful than you think

Tip #4

“Why not update your screensaver to something beautiful and uplifting? I find seasonal flowers work really well. Just update them every week and move with the season.”

katharine pooley
Maximise available natural light with a Roman blind

Tip #5

“In a smaller room, opt for a Roman blind rather than curtains. Maximise your natural light and use a large-scale patterned fabric for added interest.”

Tip #6

“Add a sculptural desk chair for a touch of glamour – fluted upholstery or metal tacking both work well.”

katharine pooley
Add a leather desk set and new stationery

Tip #7

“Add a beautiful leather desk set and new stationery – a sharp pencil makes for a sharper mind!”

Tip #8

“Chic frames add a depth of colour. With photos of your family and friends, they will remind you of happy times and be a great motivation.”

Tip #9

“I always have jars of colourful sweets at hand on my desk, like my all-time favourite, liquorice. They offer a much needed sugar lift and brighten up my desk beautifully.”

katharine pooley
Add a desk to an alcove or a window. It’s more uplifting than facing a wall

Tip #10

“In a smaller apartment, adding a neat desk to an alcove or window works well. It’s much more uplifting than facing a wall, and at this moment in time, we need our vitamin D more than ever.”

Katharine Pooley

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