The Answers With… Lars Brittsjo, founder and CEO of nor sken

The Answers With… Lars Brittsjo, CEO and founder of nor sken, a vegan skincare label promising to reverse signs of ageing naturally

Sustainability has been a buzzword for years; fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands have adopted new business models for the sake of our planet and posterity. In recent years, these conglomerates have continued to innovate, tapping on new technologies that benefit both the people and the environment. Latest in the realm of sustainable skincare, nor sken draws on the powers of science and nature to supercharge the production of crucial proteins that create younger-looking, healthy skin. A single-step regime, the cream stays true to Scandinavian simplicity while changing the way we age in a remarkable way.

“I saw the need for a reverse ageing solution that was effective, yet gentle on the skin while doing powerful work. We craft every bottle of nor sken restore using plant-based ingredients that create high-performance skincare with meaningful change,” professes the founder and CEO, Lars Brittsjo.

Founder and CEO of nor sken, Lars Brittsjo. Photo by nor sken

While nor sken is relatively new in the game, Brittsjo is no stranger to the quality wellness products. In 1992, after more than a decade in optometry, the entrepreneur forayed into cosmeceuticals, distributing and marketing natural and herbal biotechnology products backed by science. He was responsible for introducing a number of groundbreaking products to the market, such as Imedeen, a brand of anti-ageing skincare supplements. Fast forward to 2003, Brittsjo started Reborne Pte Ltd, where he continues to showcase his expertise, creating anti-obesity and anti-ageing solutions, till today. 

What motivated your transition from optometry to cosmeceuticals?

The shift may seem substantial, but for me, the transition wasn’t as drastic as it might appear. During my time in optometry, I began noticing intriguing parallels between optometric solutions and the realm of cosmeceuticals. This sparked a keen interest in natural remedies and holistic wellness. I gradually realised that nature holds an abundance of solutions for our needs, including its proven effectiveness in anti-ageing treatments.

This burgeoning curiosity became the driving force behind the inception of Imedeen. Initially marketed as a health product, we observed its remarkable impact on reversing signs of ageing. Encouraged by these compelling outcomes, I was inspired to introduce nor sken to further explore and leverage the potential of nature-based solutions for skincare.

Where does your interest lies in?

My focus centres on anti-ageing and holistic wellness, recognising the intrinsic connection between our health and mental well-being. This belief spurred my transition from selling Imedeen to founding xndo, a provider of nutritional products aimed at optimising weight management.

At xndo, our emphasis lies not merely in weight loss but in effective weight management. We firmly advocate the philosophy that “you are what you eat.” It’s not solely about avoiding unhealthy foods; rather, true health stems from the nutritional choices we actively make.

Would you venture into hair loss?

The issue is multifaceted and intricate. Hair loss is influenced by diverse factors, including genetics, where natural remedies often fall short in providing substantial help. Additionally, hormone pills, a prevalent recourse for hair loss, come laden with numerous side effects—a path I’m hesitant to explore.

With four children and various commitments, how do you balance work, family, and leisure? Do you think it’s difficult to juggle between work and play?

I count myself fortunate to have been my own boss, granting me complete autonomy over my schedule. Coupled with my passion for what I do, work doesn’t feel like a burden; it’s an undertaking I genuinely enjoy and find fulfilling.

The interplay of these three aspects isn’t inherently negative. However, effective time management becomes crucial—we must judiciously allocate our 24 hours for productive use. Time is the only thing in life that’s fair. A clear life purpose is fundamental; it paves the way for a profound sense of fulfilment.

Expanding on that notion, giving back to society is paramount. In addition to my commitments at work and home, I contribute to Favor Care, a charity based in Manila, dedicated to empowering the less fortunate. Its initiatives extend across various communities, including prisons, orphanages, and indigenous tribes. Additionally, the organisation sets up schools offering financial aid to children in need, striving to make a tangible difference in their lives.

What is your purpose?

In my opinion, a purpose has to be bigger than yourself. When I attended a seminar couple of years ago, I was assigned a task to write down what I wanted reflected on my tombstone. The words I chose were “he made a difference.”

For me, if I can leave a positive impact that outlasts my time here, then my life extends far beyond just myself. Making a difference in the world becomes the essence of a life well-lived.

Amongst the many products you’ve innovated, which is your favourite?

I have a liking for those that carry heavy weight. Take Imedeen, for instance—an endeavour born from rigorous research aimed at aiding burns, scarring, and wound healing. Serendipitously, we discovered its surprising efficacy in addressing wrinkles, making it a truly multifaceted asset.

Similarly, xndo intrigued me for its role in assisting with diabetes and blood pressure management.

In comparison, nor sken shares Imedeen’s anti-ageing focus, yet functions differently due to its topical nature. While both products target anti-ageing, their mechanisms diverge.

Interestingly, nor sken demonstrates superior anti-ageing effects compared to Imedeen. We’re even considering developing a tablet to complement and enhance the efficacy of nor sken.

Could you elaborate on how the restore crt facial cream works?

Photo by nor sken

This cream penetrates deeply into the skin to activate cellular functions. As we age, the production of key components like elastin, collagen, and fibronectin diminishes, contributing to visible signs of ageing. The restore crt facial cream is designed to stimulate cell activity, encouraging the production of these essential elements for a more youthful and revitalised complexion.

Explain nor sken in one sentence.

nor sken helps to bring back your baby skin. A skin of a 22-year-old is consider baby skin to me [laughs].

How can we optimise its prowess?

Adhering to the instructions is crucial for optimal results. Begin by applying the product to clean, bare skin before your regular skincare routine. You can then proceed with the rest of your regimen. This formula is also safe for use around the eyes, effectively addressing crow’s feet and enhancing the overall effect.

How does nor sken honour green beauty?

Our formula is crafted from natural ingredients, ensuring a wholesome composition. Complementing this, our packaging is certified sustainable and ethically produced, aligning with our commitment to responsible practices. Furthermore, our bottles are designed to be easily recyclable.

Are there new products in the pipeline?

Absolutely, we’re continuously working on product advancements. Specifically, we’re focusing on addressing skin ageing concerning the neck and hands. It’s often said that a person’s age can be discerned by observing these areas, irrespective of how youthful their face appears.

Additionally, we’re exploring innovations in oral care.

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