LG just unveiled its first see-through TV at CES 2024

By Demetrius Simms 16 January, 2024
Photo of LG transparent tv

LG’s transparent OLED TV wins five CES 2024 awards

The new-age of television design is getting clearer.

LG Electronics unveiled its first wireless transparent OLED TV at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. In addition to the fact that the 77-inch screen blends into the environment once turned off, the LG Signature OLED T’s wireless features allow it to be placed anywhere in your home which makes for a less restricted, open environment.

LG’s rival Samsung also introduced see-through screens at this year’s CES. The company showed off its micro LED technology, which allows for transparent screens. Unlike LG, though, Samsung’s screens are prototypes that could be used in TVs or monitors in the future, but have not been placed into available production devices yet.

With its transparent television, LG has won five CES 2024 Innovation Awards this week, including a Best of Innovation honour. Its picture quality and performance are brought to life by an (Alpha) 11 AI processor, that powers televisions with four-times greater AI performance compared to a former model, the company claims, and the result is a 70 per cent improvement of graphic performance, plus 30 per cent faster processing speeds.

Photo of LG transparent tv displaying artwork
The LG Signature OLED T displaying artwork. Photo by LG

The OLED T comes with a Zero Connect Box that uses LG’s wireless transmission technology to send 4K images and sound to the device, so you don’t have to use cables to connect your devices. The wireless set-up of the monitor and Zero Connect Box grants you freedom to personalise their display by adding standing or floating shelves to either side of the screen for seamless Netflix bingeing.

Similar to Samsung’s Frame TV, the OLED T’s has an always-on display that can showcase artwork, videos, and photos. Your selections displayed on LG’s forthcoming release, however, will appear to be floating in the air. The surrounding space in the room will also be visible through its transparent screen. The device’s T-Bar is an alternative feature that displays news alerts, weather updates, and song titles on the lower part of a clear screen.

“LG’s transparent OLED gives customers greater freedom to curate their living spaces, completely redefining what’s possible and pointing the way to an exciting future for the television industry,” says Park Hyoung-sei, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company, in a statement.

The OLED T is slated to release later this year.

LG Electronics

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