Thin Is In: The LG G7 OLED 4K TV


the long view

There are televisions, and then there are borderline holographic projections. As the display-du-jour of current consumer electronics, the OLED paneling of the 77-inch LG G7 measures in at a scant 2mm in thickness, producing images that seemingly float before the audience. This ultra thin profile works elegantly with the flat execution of the LG G7 for consistent imagery even at sharp angles, with the added benefit of self-lighting pixels. As they switch on and off individually, the display is able to create the elusive perfect black background to accentuate colour.

The resulting expression is seamless and breathtaking, enabled by an infinite contrast ratio. For the audiophile, a front-firing sound bar is crafted into the stand; however the setup supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to take the cinematic experience a step further.