Luxury races of the world: The Highland Kings Ultra experience costs £15,499 and offers hydrotherapy, butler service and Michelin-starred food

Highland Kings Ultra race

The race also comes with personalised training and high-end kit on top of the ultra-luxe recovery amenities available

With the Olympics well underway, you wouldn’t be alone in feeling inspired to go on a sporting adventure of your own. Catering to ultra-running enthusiasts looking to race in style, the Highland Kings Ultra race is exactly as its name suggests: a race fit for a king. Whilst running through tough and unforgiving terrain might be a shared feature with other similar events, it is the luxurious, extravagant recovery amenities that set this race apart. With butlers, speedboats, hydrotherapy pools and Michelin-starred chefs, participants of this 120 mile (approx 193km) race will compete in the lap of luxury.

Starting from Dalness on the Scottish mainland and ending in Dougarie on the Isle of Arran, the camping race will span four days, 193km, and cost £15,499 (S$29,163) per person to enter. In addition to the luxury recovery amenities, all forty competitors will be given tailored training plans for the seven months leading up to the April 2022 race – with sweat composition testing, and Zoom calls with dedicated physios and psychologists, amongst the high-end sports science training methods that will be employed to get competitors race-fit. 

Highland Kings Ultra race map
The race is split into four stages, beginning just north of Glasgow in Dalness, and ending in Dougarie on the Isle of Arran

Competitors will also receive some pretty slick kit as part of the package, with all competitors receiving a personalised Garmin MARQ watch, waterproof kit from ThruDark and a race vest from Ultimate Direction. Following the race, competitors will then spend a night in a luxury campsite, followed by a gala dinner with renowned explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

If the Highland Kings Ultra doesn’t sound like your kind of race however, here’s a list of equally-hardcore alternatives:

  • The World Marathon Challenge, which involves seven marathons on seven continents. It costs between €39,900 (S$64,084) and €42,000 (S$67,457), and includes accommodation and business flights between each country.
  • The Last Desert, an 11-day race in Antarctica, costs US$12,900 (S$17,446). This includes a boat ride from Argentina.
  • The Antarctic Ice Marathon, which spans 100km, costs US$18,900 (S$25,561) and includes food, accommodation and flights from Chile.
  • The Marathon Des Sables, a seven-day race across the Sahara Desert where runners carry all their equipment for 250km. The registration fee for this monster race is €3,270 (S$5,251).
  • The Atacama Crossing, spanning 250km and seven days, costs US$3,800 (S$5,139).