A Night on Earth – The Journey is a sequel to the iconic Macallan series

By Amos Chin 11 January, 2024

The launch is timely for Chinese New Year; the unique single-malt Scotch whisky represents and captures the moment of reunion with loved ones

In a timely ode to the jubilant occasion, Macallan unveils the sequel to its revered A Night on Earth series. Aptly titled “A Night on Earth – The Journey,” this singular single malt Scotch whisky is meticulously crafted to encapsulate the cherished essence of reuniting with loved ones during customary house visitations.

Envisioned for the Chinese New Year, this limited-edition libation is a testament to the convergence of Macallan’s illustrious sherry-seasoned European and American oak casks, harmoniously intertwined with American ex-bourbon barrels. Collaborating with the mixed-media artist, Nini Sum, the result is a tantalising flavour symphony that reverberates with the profound emotions of reunion, artfully balancing tradition with innovation.

“The collaboration with Nini Sum focuses on the idea of bringing something special back to your family when you return home: the coming together of old friends and family, with reflection on the past year, and hope for the coming one, says Jaume Ferras, Global Creative Director at The Macallan. “This is the perfect whisky to savour at special moments, best enjoyed with friends, family and loved ones while reminiscing of the year past and looking to the future.”

The multifaceted and comforting flavours intricately interwoven within this exceptional spirit serve as an evocative embodiment of the collective sentiments experienced during this festive celebration, particularly resonant with the creative spirit.

Bottled at a refined 43% ABV, “A Night on Earth – The Journey” encapsulates the sweetest reminiscences of Nini Sum’s Lunar New Year memories. From the effervescent splendour of fireworks to the nostalgic essence of milk candy and the redolent aroma of steamed rice pudding, this elixir beckons reminiscences of toasted oak wafting from the bustling streets of Shanghai, echoing the nutty allure akin to the sunflower seeds shared amongst Nini’s kin during heartfelt exchanges about aspirations for the new year.

Photo by Macallan

Beyond the liquid within, The Macallan’s artistry extends to the packaging, promising an exceptional unboxing experience that works in tandem with the overarching theme of the Chinese New Year. Each layer within the packaging holds profound significance: from the celestial tapestry adorned with stars and fireworks transitioning into a panorama of mountainous landscapes wreathed in ethereal clouds, to the urban portrayal of vibrant hues symbolising the mass exodus toward familial bonds. The chromatic narrative, painted in hues of yellow and orange, epitomises the cosy glow of lantern-lit homesteads and the embrace of homecoming.

Bedecked with Nini Sum’s captivating and vibrant illustrations, every unveiling of “A Night on Earth” promises an enrapturing journey into a realm of wonder and astonishment.

The global reach of “A Night on Earth” in this visionary collaboration seeks to explore the tender nuances of reunion through visually enthralling narratives, illustrating the profound journey back home for the New Year. With each bottle accessible online and at The Macallan House at Raffles Hotel, this Chinese New Year portends to be an epitome of jubilant festivity and unbridled revelry.

The Macallan