Maduro at Sofitel Sentosa pairs rare whiskies with jazz

By Haziq Yusof 1 February, 2024
Photo of a private lounge in Maduro

Maduro blends the upscale allure of a whisky bar with the soulful essence of a jazz club

As I stepped into Maduro, now tucked within the serene Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa, I was struck by its understated elegance. This unique establishment, having made a significant move from its original Dempsey location last year, has not only transitioned in terms of locale but also evolved in its offerings.

Almost immediately, my attention was captured by the live band. The music, a vibrant blend of contemporary and classic jazz, pulsed through the room. The ensemble’s performance, with the violin’s emotive melodies and the piano’s rhythmic interludes, created an experience that was both captivating and accessible, even to those unfamiliar with the intricacies of jazz.

Photo of Maduro's entrance
Maduro now resides within Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa. Photo by Maduro

A curious, middle-aged lady mistook my rapt attention for musical expertise. “Are you a musician?” she asked.

Alas, I’m not a musician, but her question underscored the immersive nature of the performance. The other patrons also seemed to agree. They paused their conversations when the music began, and only the rhythmic tapping of their feet accompanied the ensemble’s vibrant melodies.

Maduro’s musical soul truly comes alive on Fridays and Saturdays. On these two days, the bar offers carefully-curated musical performances paired with tailored whisky and cocktail programmes that create a multi-sensory experience. 

Notably, the whisky collection at Maduro is impressive. Primarily sourced from independent bottlers, this selection offers a journey through unique and rare spirits, a treat for both the connoisseur and the curious. For those with a preference for more mainstream brands, Maduro doesn’t disappoint, providing a range that satisfies every palate.

Photo of Maduro's whisky bar
Maduro offers a meticulously-curated whisky selection. Photo by Maduro

Another highlight of Maduro is its private cigar lounge. This exclusive space is dedicated to the aficionados of the cigar world, offering a range of premium cigars from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. The lounge, with its 24-hour temperature-and-humidity-controlled walk-in humidor, offers a sublime smoking experience. 

Photo of Maduro's private lounge
Maduro provides a spacious and private lounge. Photo by Maduro

As I departed Maduro that evening, the melodies lingered in my mind, and I found myself reflecting on the lady’s question. I may not be a musician, but the enchanting music I’d just experienced, had me wishing I was.