New Balance 530 SL: The newest lovechild of Miu Miu and New Balance

New Balance and Miu Miu team up again for another collaborative creation, referencing the New Balance 530 running shoe style

Miu Miu and New Balance had previously set the fashion world ablaze with groundbreaking collaborations, marrying the luxury and avant-garde spirit of Miu Miu with the classic, performance-oriented essence of New Balance. Their partnership had been hailed as a triumph of style meeting sport, a testament to the power of creative fusion. As echoes of their past success lingered in the air, anticipation grew for their next venture.

Photo by Miu Miu and New Balance

This time, they turned their sights on the iconic New Balance 530 running shoe, a model launched in 1992 and revered by sneaker aficionados for its minimal design and the luxurious blend of suede, leather, and mesh. In this new chapter, the 530 was reimagined through the lens of Miu Miu’s disruptive elegance, resulting in the 530 SL–a sneaker characterised by its ultra-flat, super-light sole, pushing the boundaries of classic proportions and introducing a fresh silhouette to the streets.

Photo by Miu Miu and New Balance

Offering two versions, one in distressed suede for a warm, lived-in look, and another in classic black and white mesh, the collaboration emphasises individuality with customisable laces in various materials. This approach not only highlights the sneakers’ versatility but also underscores the essence of comfort, character, and confidence that defines the partnership between Miu Miu and New Balance.

The New Balance X Miu Miu 530 SL stands as a symbol of seamless collaboration, blending history and innovation with a nod to personal expression.

Miu Miu