Oui Shave Rose Gold Razor Set for women: Hair removal gets a 24k upgrade

Gold Razor by Oui Shave

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To paraphrase Bruno Mars and his recent Grammy Record of The Year – there is 24k magic, even when it comes to removing hair. Beauty brand Oui Shave offered a golden alternative for those that prefer to keep things smooth, with its Rose Gold Razor Set (US$95, S$125) that is plated with, yes, 24k gold.

Oui Shave Rose Gold Razor Set
Whoever said gold was only meant to be worn as jewellery?

Make no mistake, this shaver is for the fairer sex. Engineered by women for women, the brand touts that it is for ‘curves and angles’. It’s also versatile enough to offer an irritation-free glide for anyone.

That said, the Rose Gold Razor Set is far from disposable. The titular razor is an old school single blader, and comes with a pack of 10 blades and a 2oz bottle of Neroli or Lavan shave oil to ensure all bases are covered. With that 24k magic in the air, even the ladies will can be head to toe so player.

Oui Shave