The Piaget Polo Emperador Skeleton Tourbillon High Jewellery is stunning from the inside-out

By Alvin Wong 8 January, 2024

The Piaget Polo Emperador Skeleton Tourbillon High Jewellery is stunning from the inside-out

Who says you cannot have your cake and eat it? With the Polo Emperador Skeleton Tourbillon High Jewellery, Piaget proves that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive.

The horological equivalent of a math professor in a colourful tux, this Piaget watch has the propensity to bowl you over upon first impression, and command undivided attention long after the initial encounter.

Certainly, its exceptional shine plays a huge part. The watch is set with substantially sized emeralds on the bezel and the micro-rotor, as well as diamonds on the white gold case and skeletonised movement. You’d probably have to avert your gaze if you saw this watch under bright sunlight.

The ornamental manner in which the stones accentuate the curves and technical qualities of the watch are a Piaget hallmark. Since the company started creating high jewellery pieces in 1959, its mechanically sophisticated timepieces—the foundation of the company since 1874—have been beneficiaries of the know-how.

The watch’s exquisite gem-setting is matched only by its sophisticated complication. Piaget’s in-house automatic movement, the calibre 1270D, anchors the proceedings. Undressed for full access, movement’s bridges and plates are meticulously skeletonised to grant uninterrupted view of its innerworkings.

Laced with precious stones, the artfully sculpted movement components invite close scrutiny; the flying tourbillon spinning gracefully at the top with a P-shaped bridge, accompanied by a micro-rotor set with trapeze-cut emeralds and an off-centred hour display at the bottom. But before you get distracted by all that sparkle—the entire watch is carpeted with over 17 carats of diamonds and emeralds—take some time to also appreciate the watch’s elevated technical features.

Measuring just 10.2mm in height, the calibre 1270D exemplifies Piaget’s prowess in ultra-thin movements. Look out for its smart architecture—the off-centred tourbillon, micro-rotor and time display—that contributes to the watch’s svelteness and, of course, the mechanical ballet of the flying tourbillon that rotates once every minute to negate the effects of gravity to ensure top-notch precision.

The Polo Emperador Skeleton Tourbillon High Jewellery is a dazzling parade of multi-facetted handcrafts that Piaget has been known to roll out time after time. In fact, this diamond-and-emerald-set variant joins a glittery cast that includes a full-diamond paved version and another featuring diamonds and blue sapphires. While this latest roll-out ranks among the most impressive, we are sure that it won’t be the last.