Shine bright with Piaget’s Sunlight Radiant Infinity collection

Piaget’s Sunlight Radiant Infinity

Whatever the weather, bring your own sunshine with Piaget’s Sunlight Radiant Infinity collection

All that glitters may indeed be gold at Piaget but the Maison isn’t content to let precious metals and glorious gemstones do all the talking. This is simply part of the company’s dynamic high jewellery heritage that started 1959 with the debut of the Salon Piaget, which drives the brand to continually create expressive designs that inspire as impeccably as they adorn.

Following in the footsteps of the iconic Piaget Possession and the ambrosial Piaget Rose, the Piaget Sunlight collection reveals yet another side of the Maison that brims with positivity, warmth, and sheer unbridled joy. The most recent addition turns the spotlight onto one of Piaget’s most cherished forms of classical goldsmithing art, the famous Piaget Palace décor.

Channel the positive energy of the sun with Piaget’s Sunlight rose gold diamond bracelet, ring, earrings and pendant, all set with brilliant-cut diamonds

Resembling extra-fine textured woodgrain, this beautiful technique was a part of Piaget’s jewellery design language since its earliest years as a jeweller. An artisan manually engraves tiny fine lines all over the gold such that no surface is left bare, yielding a unique shimmery effect. Piaget’s Palace decor is viewed by many as the epitome of Piaget gold craftsmanship and, since it was adapted from the sunray guilloché technique traditionally used in watchmaking, it was also a nod to Piaget’s deep roots in haute horlogerie

Not forgetting, as well, that Piaget had named the technique after the magnificent Gstaad Palace Hotel where many an evening soirée—the story goes that these parties were absolutely legendary—had been hosted by Yves Piaget for the likes of socialites, artists, designers, and celebrities all over the world. Famous guests and fans of Piaget then included Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Alain Delon, Ursula Andress, Jackie Kennedy, and more. 

Reclaiming the Maison’s mastery in the art of textured gold jewellery, the Palace decor connects Piaget’s new Sunlight Radiant Infinity collection with its origins as one of the most progressive jewellers of the 1960s. Though with Sunlight Radiant Infinity, Piaget goes one step further to showcase more emphatically the Palace décor’s beautiful texture. 

Golden rays emanate from a single large round-cut diamond, asymmetrical in movement and almost unpredictable in how they interact with the light. Sometimes light comes from the sparkle of diamonds. At other times, the glimmer comes from the perfectly polished gold, or warm glows emanating from a golden sliver adorned by Palace décor, interspersed randomly and in varying proportions all around the central motif. 


Lending itself exceptionally well to a pair of statement earrings, the rays fan out elegantly as they embrace the earlobes while the pendant, sizeable and alluring to the touch, is set on a lovely braided thin gold chain. Two options each for rings and earrings alternate between festive and feminine, but the piece de resistance is the Sunlight Radiant Infinity bracelet with 262 round diamonds and a circlet of alternating textured and polished gold sunrays radiating such infinite light and brilliance. Looking at it, it feels almost as if, for the first time, you can finally stare directly at the sun.