Rationale will get you ready for your close-up

By Amos Chin 11 January, 2024

Prepare for your close-up with Rationale’s exclusive series of facials, designed to leave you radiant and ready for gatherings and house visitations this Chinese New Year

Since its inception in 1992, Rationale has consistently upheld an industry-leading commitment to research and innovation, resulting in the creation of luxurious skincare and transformative treatments that embody the ethos of Luminous Skin for Life.

This Chinese New Year, the Australian brand notes the significance of the celebratory season and the importance placed on looking one’s best, launching a suite of exclusive offerings to restore the skin for the joyous season.

Photo by Rationale

Available for a limited time, each of these experiences seamlessly blends professional-grade products with state-of-the-art modalities, promoting skin health and delivering a radiant glow. As a special offering until February 23, 2024, clients can luxuriate in a complimentary 15-minute Facial Treatment upgrade upon booking any of the following facial treatments during this festive period.

The Brilliance Glow Facial

A 45-minute facial treatment designed to hydrate, refine, and smooth out the skin. The Enzyme Reactivation Complex reawakens the skin’s inherent glow by gently exfoliating the surface and amplifying hydration. Following this, essential vitamins and antioxidants are expertly incorporated using facial massage techniques, culminating in a concluding LED Light Therapy session to revive a profound radiance.

The CryoGenic Resilience Facial

A calming Facial Treatment that swiftly soothes and clarifies the skin with healing LED Light Therapy and advanced skin-cooling technology, lending a calm and radiant tone within an hour. Here, clients can enjoy a complimentary upgrade, which includes the aformentioned Enzyme Reactivation Complex.

Embark on the new year with a radiant and vibrant countenance, courtesy of these thoughtfully curated facials that promise to illuminate your year right from the start.