Robb Report Singapore celebrates the Thought Leaders of 2023

The 2023 edition of the Robb Report Singapore Thought Leaders’ soiree brought together trail-blazers and changemakers from a host of disciplines and industries in recognition of their ardour

Marcus Aurelius, the great Stoic philosopher had this to say about the impetus behind every action: “Let no act be done without purpose”. That dictum underscores the importance of thought in shaping the intentions that drive action; action that when purposefully applied, can effect change for the better. In that spirit, Robb Report Singapore annually carries a torch for a select group of trailblazers and captains of industry whose successful endeavours radiate outward with a changemaking power under the banner of Thought Leaders.

Spotlighted in the Power-themed September 2023 issue, this year’s community of Thought Leaders was composed of 24 individuals from a slew of disparate arenas including banking and finance, hospitality, fintech, medtech, gaming, photography, commerce and the civil service, to name just some.

To celebrate their individual journeys in a collective––and sumptuous––fashion, we rallied these stalwarts for a night of revelry at Aniba, the resplendent Middle Eastern-and-European fusion restaurant that has been steadily winning over a dedicated flock since its inception last year. From the outset, Aniba proved to be more than a mere ‘venue’. Awash in its heady, sensuous and throughly inviting atmosphere, the guests were treated to an experience that merited the level of excellence they were celebrating. Every inch of space in Aniba is dashingly curated. The intimately lit expanse is a wealth of future-facing-but-tradition-grounded disciplines, from interior design to the charms of its kitchen and bar.

As the night unspooled, Sous Chef Anas Shami steered his team into feats of brilliance. On multiple occasions, mms and aahs of satisfaction could be heard from different areas of the space. As the wines from Aniba’s cellar filled grateful cups, the kitchen was likewise effective with its audience. Amongst the many delights served, the falafel was savoured with especial relish, the kind that leaves a mark and inspires the promise to return. In so many tangible ways, Aniba was the perfect stage to for the celebration.

Gracing the occasion was also special guest Andrea Nanetti, Associate Professor at the Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media. His brief but illuminating speech on why the aesthetics of beauty are, in and of themselves, a manifestation of purpose, cohered poignantly with the philosophical tenor of the night.

As a final ode to Purpose and Power, each guest was given a specially curated goodie bag that included, amongst other things, products from upper-echelon skincare brand Decorté and a personalised copy of the September issue with their respective portraits adorning the cover, as they left – a legacy to remember and pass on.