Date Night: Roia is a beautiful restaurant that serves beautiful food at the Botanic Gardens

The food, shaped by the likes of Jackson Pollock and Damien Hirst, is the perfect way to experience a UNESCO World Heritage site

What is the space like?

Named after the river Roya that flows between France and Italy, Roia is found tucked inside the Botanic Gardens at the stunning EJH Corner House. Surrounded by the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Laank-designed restaurant shines the spotlight on the garden’s flora, spices and essential herbs, injecting the chef’s originality and creativity as you move long through the meal.

Who is the chef?

That would be Priyam Chatterjee. Born into aristocracy in Kolkata, Chatterjee had the fortune to experience the world of fine dining and European hospitality from a early age. With a love of art in every form, he spent his youth painting and playing the drums before finding his calling in culinary arts, when he began vigorous training in French cuisine. His food, also shaped by the early influences of his grandmother and mother, as well as the likes of Jackson Pollock, Damien Hirst and Vincent Van Gogh,  represents a culture that embraces French and the bigger world.

Duroc Pork Chop, served with mustard sauce and black garlic. Photo by Roia

What is the food like?

It’s eclectic French fusion appeals to anyone who likes things dainty and pretty. Dinner is available in two menus (Discovery and Experience), but the best time for the best views is at lunch, and at a corner table in the sunroom, to be exact. Any day from Thursday to Sunday, lunch is served over two or three courses (S$78 or S$98), with the option for wine pairing at S$78.

Your meal will begin with a duo of amuse bouche, including a Pickled Cucumber Tartlet, served with fresh daikon, cucumber gel and creme fraiche. Enjoy crusty sourdough and homemade brioche, inspired by Indian pao and lightly seared with clarified butter, and a Mille Feuille Scallop, held in place by citron basilica and spiced sour cream.

For the main course, there is something available for everyone, whether it’s Pork Steak, sweetened by figs and accompanied by black garlic mayonnaise; the Chicken, sous vide and dressed in sage, tarragon and cumin jus; or Fish that’s “art on a plate.” Inspired by the works of Salvatore Dali and the time Chatterjee spent training in South France, a fillet of Japanese ginpo is pan-seared and laid to rest on a plate painted with rich pistachio sabayon.

Private dining room. Photo by Roia

What else is there to know?

There’s a private dining room called The Private Salon. It seats as many as 10 people, making it the perfect setting for intimate dinners, meetings or events.

1 Cluny Road,
EJH Corner House,
Singapore Botanic Gardens,
Singapore 259569
Tel: +65 8908 1705