Silent Pool launches rare black juniper gin expression sourced from Bhutan

silent pool gin

From the Land of Smiles, comes an ingredient that bolsters Silent Pool’s gin portfolio: the Silent Pool Black Juniper Gin

Silent Pool Distillers has just unveiled their latest creation: the Silent Pool Black Juniper Gin and it’s already causing a ripple in the world of spirits. Made from the purest black juniper that’s sourced from Bhutan, Silent Pool Distillers’ innovative production process celebrates Bhutanese heritage.

Developed in harmony with Bhutanese Buddhist environmental beliefs, Silent Pool Distillers worked closely with local foragers to optimise the crop by leaving some berries on the evergreen shrubs to encourage future growth. Black juniper is only found above 4000 metres in the Bhutan mountains and as the only carbon-negative country in the world, the air in Bhutan allows for the berries to ripen to their fullest potential. This jewel of Bhutan is then smoked with oud, a fragrant resin from agarwood trees, which infuses the berries with a smoky aroma. The maceration process follows and uses botanicals like coriander, voatsiperifery (aka piper borbonense), grains of paradise, and Tasmanian mountain pepper to create a complex flavour profile.

The addition of rare teas gives a more layered taste—the Abode of Clouds tea (an Assam and Darjeeling tea blend, that’s light and floral with deep notes of caramel and malt) and Himalayan black tea from Nepal’s Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden, one of the highest tea plantations in the world, round it for a more distinctive flavour. Taking the blend another step further, it is enhanced with Nepalese Cherry Blossom, manuka, and olive leaves before a final infusion of oud to match the intensity of aromas of black juniper’s natural essential oils.

Silent Pool Black Juniper Gin is a masterful blend that introduces the palate to some of the most considered mix of ingredients in the world. Elevating the classic gin-based cocktails to new heights, Black Juniper Gin will transport you from hilly Surrey to the awe-inspiring Himalayan mountains. It’s the crests and troughs of taste; a beautiful journey of the gin’s process that brings you on an unforgettable ride.

Silent Pool Black Juniper Gin