This gigantic 170-metre sailing yacht concept has solid sails that fold down to help get it under bridges

Steve Kozloff Glory yacht

Its three innovative masts can be lowered or rotated on demand

The mast is a crucial part of any sailboat, but Steve Kozloff wants to make it the crowning glory.

The California-based designer has just unveiled a sailing gigayacht concept, known as Glory, which is equipped with three innovative masts that can be rotated and lowered on demand. The new 170-metre vessel is the latest model in Kozloff’s Goliath Series of “folding” yachts, which also includes the ice-class explorer Elegante that was revealed last December.

Steve Kozloff Glory yacht
Glory’s three tilting masts support 2,787 sqm of sails

Glory’s new Solid Sail system, which was designed by French outfit Chantiers de L’Atlantique, has many advantages over a traditional rig, according to Kozloff. The trio of free-standing masts can tilt 70 degrees forward to reduce the air draft from 72 metres to 41 metres and enable the vessel to sail under most bridges. Each mast can also rotate a full 360 degrees to maximise wind power.

What’s more, the next-gen setup, which is free of yards and shrouds, has integrated load-sensing technology that tells the captain how much to drive the sailing rig. Plus, the sails can be automatically set or dropped in a snap.

Steve Kozloff Glory yacht
Inside, the piano bar is finished in luxe Italian marble

Sporting a sleek, ice-class steel hull and aluminium superstructure, Glory is designed for global voyages. She’s fitted with a 6,000 hp hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system that gives her an estimated top speed of 17 knots and a range of 6,709 nautical miles when traveling at a cruising speed of 14 knots. When running under the 2,787 sqm of sails, meanwhile, Glory can reportedly hit 12 knots. Of course, the motors and sails can also work simultaneously for greater range and speed.

Onboard, the five-decker offers accommodation for up to 26 guests and 40 crew. The pick of the cabins is the massive owner’s suite that covers some 139 sqm. Another highlight is the glitzy grand piano bar on the upper deck, which is replete with TB Marmi’s exquisite Italian marble.

Steve Kozloff Glory yacht
The masts aren’t the only spectacular thing about this yacht. It also has a swimming pool on the upper deck and a beach club

Outside, Glory comes equipped with a giant 188-square-metre aircraft hangar and a gyro-stabilised landing pad that can collectively house up to two helicopters or three eVTOLs. In addition, the full-beam garage can store four tenders, two Nemo U-Boat Worx subs and other water toys, while the two large cranes assist with loading and off-loading vessels and equipment. To top it off, the yacht features a large swimming pool on the upper deck and a full-beam beach club with retractable decks to the aft.

Perhaps the masts aren’t the only glorious feature within this masterpiece.

The Goliath Series

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