Singaporean photographer Chloe Cheng on hope, joy and embracing the unknown

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In this five-part series, we speak with Singaporean photographers about everything they know about optimism, in hope their message of positivity can shine through

Meet Chloe Cheng, a photographer who runs Studio Daydream with her husband, Dominic Phua. A lover of still life and food photography, Cheng is inspired by almost anything and everything, even if it’s sunlight reflecting off a crinkly plastic bag. Here, she presents The Pebble, a work of hers which she believes best represents resilience and hope.

The Pebble

Artist’s statement: “This image speaks of resilience and hope that, while forces of nature may mould and shape us, they do not erode our core.”

What is your definition of hope?

To me, ‘hope’ represents the good that the great unknown has yet to bring.

We are living in times of unprecedented change and in these times of uncertainty lies the power to influence the future. If you could, how would you shape the future?

As much as we should embrace joy, I hope we can all develop the mental fortitude to accept adversity as part and parcel of each and every person’s journey.

Why should we embrace the unknown?

Embracing the unknown is learning. A dead person doesn’t need to learn.

What gives you hope?

By being alive today.

When was the last time you felt like giving up?

Just yesterday. Some humour, alcohol and the company of my favourite kopitiam uncles (even if they do not know it) help me get through the worst of days.

What’s your life mantra?

Everything is an experiment.

If you could be born again and live life all over, how would you want your life to be?

While it’s tempting to imagine that, I wouldn’t have it any other way, as I’ve made some beautiful memories.

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This story first appeared in the May 2020 issue, which you may purchase as a hard or digital copy