Solo Stove Pi Ultimate Bundle is the surefire way to elevate your homemade pizza

By Robb Report Singapore 16 August, 2023

Whether amateur chef or a seasoned epicurean, the Solo Stove Pi Ultimate Bundle is a game-changer in the homemade pizza experience

We’ve all had an outdoor barbecue experience at some point in our lives, but bring pizza into the equation and it’s a whole other ballgame. Often limited to in-house ovens, it’s always only the end-product that can be enjoyed outdoors. That’s a thing of the past with smokeless fire pit makers Solo Stove. Besides a uniquely-designed portable pizza oven, they’ve curated a package with a suite of accessories to upgrade your gourmet arsenal to deliver restaurant-quality creations.

The Pi pizza oven

Regardless where you set up camp, the Pi pizza oven of stainless steel and compact build is engineered for performance and convenience. Signature to Solo Stove products, this innovation’s double-walled construction creates an efficient and consistent cooking environment, while its cordierite pizza stone guarantees that perfectly crispy crust we all like every time. Its ingenious airflow system and dual fuel capability ensures rapid heating with minimal heat loss, so it’s more than just whipping up wood-fired pizzas, but artisanal bread, succulent roasts, and more—all in the great outdoors. And did we not mention how sleek it looks?

The oven features demi-dome construction and panoramic opening. Photo by Solo Stove

The versatile accessories

Both modern stainless peel to traditional bamboo peel are items you can’t do without when it comes to pizza, sized appropriately for transfers with flair. Other essentials like the stainless turner to rotate pizzas mid-bake like a pro, pizza cutter, thermometer and silicon mat are included to redefine al fresco pizza-making.

The simple set up

Don’t let the advanced technology intimidate you; the Pi pizza oven, stand and shelter’s intuitive design ensures quick and hassle-free assembly. The comprehensive bundle isn’t just equipment; it’s a catalyst for a new style of outdoor dining without the stress of complex setups—just fire up and enjoy.

Solo Stove