Star Wars Day take over the world’s most expensive superyachts again

thirtyc star wars

This includes a couple of X-Wings and the ship from The Mandolorian

thirtyc star wars
Lürssen’s Nord equipped with the ship from The Mandalorian

ThirtyC wants the force to be with you out on the water this 4 May. The UK design studio has unveiled a pair of Star Wars-themed superyachts to celebrate the beloved franchise’s day of days.

May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day, was established a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away – specifically, here on Earth back in the ‘70s. The unofficial holiday, which gets its name from a line of dialogue in the 1977 classic Star Wars: A New Hope, gives stans an opportunity to honour George Lucas’s famed space saga in all manner of ways, even via specially designed superyachts.

ThirtyC’s creations are fictitious riffs on two existing vessels by noted builders Heesen and Lürssen. Although they will never officially hit the seas, the designs capture the sci-fi glory of Star Wars in abundant detail.

thirtyc star wars
Project Cosmos with a couple of X-Wings by the side

Heesen’s 262-foot Project Cosmos, which is currently in build in real life and will mark the yard’s first superyacht built from aluminium, is depicted soaring through the galaxy with a couple of X-Wings by her side.

Lürssen’s epic 476-footer Nord, meanwhile, features the iconic razor crest ship from the spin-off Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian on the landing pad. It’s also emblazoned with “Grogu” on the stern which is the official name of the character known to most fans as “Baby Yoda.”

ThirtyC actually started penning Star Wars-inspired superyachts back in 2015 when the studio first opened. Founder and creative director Rob Armstrong said the exercise started “just for fun” but has since become an annual tradition.

“It’s great to see the response online, although each year is becoming more challenging to outdo the last,” Armstrong told Robb Report via email. “More than anything, it’s great to see our work inspire others to join in by adding their own twist on this iconic movie franchise.”

Last year, the studio superimposed some of the series’ most famous characters, such as Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Chewbacca, onto an array of million-dollar tender superyachts and tenders, including the Pascoe SY9 Beachlander, the Hodgdon 10.5m Venetian Limo Tender, Cockwells Titian Tender, Wally Tender 48 and Vandal 14m Open chase boat.

May the force be with the studio for 2022.

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