This exclusive new platform lets you swap multimillion-dollar homes for luxe vacations around the world

HomeExchange Collection

HomeExchange’s new Collection service includes a range of lavish abodes worth US$1.5 million (S$2.08 million) or more

HomeExchange wants to give you a key to hundreds of multimillion-dollar abodes around the globe.

The company’s new platform, which was officially launched in June, allows the well-heeled to exchange luxury homes and yachts via a nifty point system. The HomeExchange Collection currently comprises around 300 high-worth properties throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Every residence is vetted for quality of location, design, furnishings and amenities. On top of that, each listing must be worth US$1.5 million (S$2.08 million) or more.

HomeExchange Collection
A quiet desert oasis in Joshua Tree

As you might expect, the curated portfolio includes an array of stunning seven-figure homes that come with infinity pools, tennis courts, movie theatres, private boats and so on. Although the listings can only be viewed by members, highlights include a desert oasis in Joshua Tree, a Balinese villa with panoramic views and a mountain estate in Santa Fe. You’ll have access to more unconventional rentals, too, such as historic castles, rugged wilderness retreats and even glitzy superyachts.

HomeExchange Collection
A luxe property in Paris

Members can stay in each other’s’ homes for a weekend, week or month, during the same dates or different periods. In addition to a reciprocal exchange, you can also rent properties using points. Basically, the renter pays the host in GuestPoints, which they can then use to stay at another member’s home. As per the fine print, you’ll have up to US$2 million (S$2.77 million) in property damage protection and access to the team around the clock. Guests will also enjoy a 100 per cent flexible cancellation policy.

“Our community brings together owners of lavish properties who are keen to welcome guests into their homes,” head of HomeExchange Collection Jennifer Klodnicki told Robb Report via email. “Another real luxury for members of the HomeExchange Collection is to feel at home anywhere in the world, guided by their host’s advice, to enjoy uncovering the unique local culture and customs.”

HomeExchange Collection
A hideaway in Phuket

Unlike some other exchange companies, HomeExchange Collection has an annual subscription fee of US$1,000 (S$1,387). (Thirdhome, on the other hand, requires no yearly outlay but does have a rental fee each time you book.) This small chunk of change gives you access to the company’s entire catalogue, which includes more than 450,000 homes of varying degrees of luxury in some 159 different countries. The hard part is deciding where to vacay next.

HomeExchange Collection

This story was first published on Robb Report USA