This three-week expedition to the Arctic Circle lets you see polar landscapes and wildlife in luxury

The North Arctic Horizon expedition

You will explore the North’s vast and rugged terrain, from Greenland to Norway

The North is certainly living up to its name.

The luxury travel company, founded by Jon Olafur Magnusson and his wife Johanna Eyjolfsdottir, unveiled a new expedition this week designed to help you see the Arctic Circle like never before. The three-week Arctic Horizon adventure will take a total of 50 explorers to the uppermost reaches of the globe.

“As a lifelong explorer of the Arctic, my vision is to make the last frontier accessible to a select few who share my passion and respect for these rarely experienced, untouched regions,” Magnussen said in a statement.

Guests will travel aboard a customised Boeing 757-200 that has been refitted with 50 lie-flat seats for added comfort. While in the air, a dedicated team will cater to your every whim. In addition, you’ll receive a personalised iPad with a rundown of each day’s itinerary.

The North Arctic Horizon expedition
Ilulissat, Greenland

The journey begins in Reykjavik, Iceland. Here, you’ll explore the country’s breathtaking glaciers, waterfalls and volcanoes, before heading to the city centre for a welcome dinner and some shuteye. The following day, you’ll head to Ilulissat, Greenland, for a cruise through the towering icebergs and a spot of whale watching. You’ll also partake in a guided exploration to learn more about Inuit culture.

Next up is Sonora, Canada. Once a basecamp has been established, you’ll take a helicopter tour of the area to see its pristine coastal rainforest from the air. Then, you’ll head to Anchorage, Alaska, for some thrilling rafting. You might even spot a grizzly bear fishing in the same waterfalls.

On the last leg, you’ll enjoy a Champagne toast while flying over the North Pole, then close out the epic adventure with a stay in two picturesque communities in Norway. Upon returning to Iceland, you’ll commemorate the voyage with a grand farewell gala at the members-only Arctic Explorers’ Club, before heading home.

“What I am sure will be a life-changing adventure for our guests is the culmination of my life’s work,” Magnusson adds. “I am confident our team’s meticulous eye for detail will ensure an unrivalled level of service throughout these most extraordinary destinations.”

Sounds like a trip to the North is in order.

Taking place in July 2024, the Arctic Horizon expedition starts at US$187,000 per person.

The North

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