Fat, round, and cuddly, the Tom Dixon Fat collection fits all sizes

fat tom dixon

Fat–a noun in this case–is an upholstery chair range by Tom Dixon designed to provide the utmost comfort and style to any living space

Design transcends mere functionality to become a form of art at the studio of Tom Dixon. Housing a series of made-to-order upholstery chairs, his Fat Collection stands out, not just because of its moniker, but the sculptural design that boasts pizzazz and comfort.

“I’ve been wanting to reclaim the word fat and make it positive again, and it’s particularly appropriate for upholstery because you want supreme comfort,” says the designer. “The fatness of these curved backrests and the thickness of the upholstery make these a really comfortable series of furniture.”

fat tom dixon
The simplicity of the components is a testament to form following function, whilst maintaining a humorous silhouette and reductionist aesthetic. Photo by Tom Dixon

Ergonomically crafted in Europe, each piece in the collection—be it a three-seater sofa, two-seater, dining chair, counter stool, bar stool, chaise longue, or lounge chair—embraces the body in any position with its moulded foam construction. The extreme simplicity of the components embodies the essence of form following function, maintaining a whimsical silhouette and a reductionist aesthetic—a true balancing act.

“We first tested them in our restaurant at the Coal Office and then at the Manzoni in Milan before we launched the collection in 2019. They are manufactured in Europe at a secret location by skilled upholsterers and metal workers,” Dixon continues.

With the most elementary components, the series boasts minimal elements, stripping down complexity to its core. However, this simplicity does not compromise functionality. The metal leg, finished in high-gloss black lacquer, is both straightforward and robust, providing a stable and solid base.

fat tom dixon
Fat, Tom Dixon’s new upholstery chair range, is designed to hug the body and allows for multiple sitting positions. Photo by Tom Dixon

The upholstery, available in opulent velvets and leathers, offers an unrivalled tactile experience that is second to none. Envision a piece of Fat furniture in deep emerald velvet; its rich hue and plush texture, coupled with gentle curves, elevate any space to new levels of sophistication.

Dixon’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship is evident in every curve and seam. The meticulous attention to detail ensures that each piece is not only visually stunning but also structurally sound. The craftsmanship ensures the Fat Collection will be cherished for generations, becoming heirlooms that tell stories of elegance and luxury.

Tom Dixon