Versace’s new home decor flagship in Milan is an interior designer’s paradise

versace flagship store milan

The space is dedicated to the luxury label’s homeware and furniture

Versace’s newest home wants to make yours look even more stylish.

The Italian luxury label just unlocked the doors to its new Versace Home flagship store in Milan. The space was launched in collaboration with local luxury interior design and furnishings boutique, Interni Spa. The concept store will showcase the label’s latest contemporary furniture designs, created in partnership with furniture-maker Lifestyle Design.

Largely designed by Vudafieri Saverino Partners, the flagship’s structure is made to resemble a real home and shares the aesthetic of Versace’s distinguished residences. It comes complete with an entrance hall, a dining room, long corridors, and a master suite that includes both a bedroom and sitting room. The domestic layout isn’t just a novelty; it’s designed to help you envision exactly how pieces would fit into your own space. There’s also a secret garden for customers who might be looking to gussy up their outdoor space.

In case you forget where you are, gold leaf accents can be found throughout the displays, the furniture designs, and as a backdrop to bookcases. As a nod to Versace’s unique texture explorations, fabric curtains have been replaced with wire mesh panel, adding an industrial touch to the layout.

Versace, of course, is no stranger to home decor. The Milan-based label has been creating a variety of homeware and furnishings since 1978. Over those four decades, the brand has engaged in a variety of savvy design collaborations to keep its spaces fresh and current. The same can be said of this store. As countries slowly begin to open up, design-obsessed travellers will want to add this shop to their Milan must-see list.

Find Versace Home at Marquis here