The world’s most expensive taco sells for $25,000

World's most expensive taco

Dream street food

There’s been water, potato chips and chocolate. The culinary world’s attempt to crown even the most proletariat of food as luxury items knows no bounds. Up next on the platter is a taco from Chef Juan Liceria Alcala at the Grand Velas Los Cabos resort in Baja California, Mexico, which sells for a magical US$25,000 (S$35,000).

Really? For that price, it better do the dishes and babysit the children as well.

World's most expensive taco
We ain’t gonna taco ’bout other Mexican competitors, not with this in our mouths

Well, maybe not. But you do get a corn tortilla speckled with 24k gold flakes, filled with chunks of Kobe beef, langoustine shrimp, Almas Beluga caviar, black truffle Brie and topped with a salsa made from Morita chillies and kopi luwak, the world’s most expensive coffee. Topped with more slivers of edible gold and beautiful edible flowers.

If that sounds like what the doctor ordered, break out the chequebook – there’s a deposit of US$12,500 (S$17,473) required to order what was once a humble street food. But wait, there’s more! To even qualify to order the taco – served in the middle of the desert ‘encircled by motorcycles’ – you have to have booked the resort’s Presidential Suite.

The taco is, of course, best paired with some shots of Ley .925 Pasión Azteca Ultra-Premium Anejo tequila, which the resort is happy to provide at an additional US$150,000 (S$209,000).

Grand Velas Los Cabos