Here’s why you should visit Braci at Boat Quay

Sbagliatissimo cocktail at Braci, Boat Quay

Hidden Gem

In the half-year since its opening, Braci has been drawing a steady crowd of clued-in foodies and tipplers, with good reason. The latest venture in restauranteur Beppe de Vito’s rapidly expanding portfolio, Braci is perched five levels above Boat Quay and offers a good selection of classic drinks and signature concoctions.

Sbagliatissimo (S$18, pictured above) is an inspired take on the classic Negroni composed of Bombay Sapphire, Cynar, Montenegro and homemade clove bitters.

Richly spiced and with bittersweet notes, the drink is topped by a flamed artichoke heart, which not only brings out the herbaceous notes of the Cynar and Montenegro, but also makes for an Instagram-worthy shot. Pair this with a serving of Beef Satay with Truffle and Parmigiano (S$18) – skewers of tender meat chunks laced with parmesan shavings – and you’ll be set for the night.