Robb’s Runway: Daryll Alexius Yeo talks fashion

In Robb’s Runway, we spotlight fashion personalities and their unparalleled style. Today, we talk to Daryll Alexius Yeo, a freelance fashion stylist and creative consultant in Singapore, who has styled for sundry magazines, worked directly with luxury fashion houses on creative projects and dressed A-list celebrities on the red carpet

If one has perused through the pages of some of the most esteemed publications, Vogue, for instance, it is likely that the creative endeavours of Daryll Alexius Yeo have caught their eye. A distinguished alumnus of LASALLE College of the Arts, Yeo embarked on his journey majoring in fashion studies at the age of 18, a testament to his foundational expertise in the realm of fashion.

His career, characterised by a relentless pursuit of excellence, has seen him evolve into the protégé of some of the industry’s most venerated figures. While these mentors have helped him build the foundation of his artistry, Yeo’s creative sensibilities and professional acumen positioned him at the vanguard of style. 15 years into the industry, Yeo continues to push the envelope, paving the way for an unparalleled, distinctive aesthetic with a keen understanding of the symbiotic relationship between fashion and self-expression.

Photo by Daryll Alexius Yeo

Beyond his editorial work, Yeo’s ability to provide bespoke styling solutions for celebrities such as Elvin Ng, Zhang Ze Tong, and Shawn Thia underscores his versatility and understanding of individual style. His work transcends the confines of print, establishing him as a paragon of fashion and personal style. Yeo’s storytelling impact serves as a reminder of fashion’s capacity to provoke thought, evoke emotion, and catalyse change.

What does fashion mean to you?

A personal styling session at Tiffany & Co by Daryll Alexius Yeo. Photo by Instagram @daryllalexiusyeo

Fashion is a playground for self-discovery and reinvention. It is the art of storytelling through garments, where every stitch, every fabric choice, and every silhouette communicates a different narrative, allowing us to embrace our individuality.

What is your favourite wardrobe staple?

An oversized blazer. It’s a timeless piece that effortlessly adds structure to any outfit, whether paired with tailored trousers for a formal look, or with baggy jeans for a more casual streetwear sensibility. That, and multiple pairs of fresh white cotton socks that I tend to bulk buy [laughs].

Do you have a favourite styling work? If so, could you share with us?

Selecting a favourite styling work is akin to choosing a favourite child! I must confess that the campaign for my debut eyewear collection ‘Daywear’ stands out as a memorable milestone. I absolutely loved how the final visuals turned out. Inspired by the initials of my name, DAY, the inception of ‘Daywear’ was not merely a venture into merchandise but a deeply personal evolution of my creativity and self-expression.

What’s your favourite look from the Spring/Summer 2024 menswear runway?

I have two, both from Dries Van Noten Men’s Spring 2024 collection. A crochet knitwear sweater, juxtaposed with billowy trousers and adorned with fur-trimmed clogs and another look defined by sequinned shorts paired beneath an oversized utilitarian denim jacket.

These ensembles highlight a profound convergence of sartorial elements, capturing the very essence of the aesthetic I aspire to embody.

What is one wardrobe essential everybody MUST have?

It would be the humble (yet mighty) white button-down shirt. Yes, while it’s an obvious choice, you’d be surprised at how many clients I’ve worked with that don’t actually own one. Whether paired with a tailored suit or denims, the white shirt is the absolute perfect blank canvas waiting to be adorned with your own individuality.

What is your go-to outfit?

Photo by Lemaire and Loewe

I’m all about dressing with intention with an element of unexpected details. It usually starts with a simple white T-shirt or a crisp white shirt — building blocks that never fail to anchor my look. From there, I tend to reach for a sleek leather accessory like my trusty Loewe Puzzle bag, a printed bandanna that I knot around my neck for visual interest, and my go-to tinted Daywear eyewear – adding a touch of sleekness to the mix. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with socks paired with Mary Janes for an unexpected choice of footwear, too. And to top it all off, I never leave the house with generous spritzes of my current favourite scent, ‘I Don’t Know What’ by D.S & Durga, because I believe smelling amazing is just as important as looking good.

A styling tip for corporate personnel to dress up in the office without looking ostentatious.

I would say to always opt for well-tailored suits and separates in classic colours like navy, grey, and black. Keep accessories minimal and refined, choosing quality pieces like a classic watch or leather belt. Always pay attention to your grooming, and ensure that your outfit fits well; a poorly fitted shirt in a corporate workplace environment is not cute. By prioritising simplicity and keen attention to detail, you can achieve a polished and professional look without being overly flashy.