The everyday sugar cube receives a 24k gold facelift

Forget measly flakes of gold on your food, have an entire sugar cube covered in gold instead

There are three kinds of people in the world. The first want everything clad in gold. A toilet seat, cheesecake… you know how it goes. The second value items based on price. The pricier, the better. We’re talking about the most expensive pillows, tacos, chocolates and water.

The third? An amalgamation of the above two where everything should not just be the most expensive, but also come sprinkled with fairy dust of gods.

Swiss company Nobline Design, known for dishing out 24k gold products like it’s going out of fashion (think 24k fur coats, teddy bears and acrylic glass), has whipped up something a little more edible this time round: gold sugar cubes.

Let that sink in for a monent: sugar cubes that are coated with a layer of 24k gold.

How does it taste? Well, exactly like how sugar would, obviously. But how does it make you feel? Ah, that’s the right question there. I’ve yet to get my hands on it, but if I did, I imagine it tasting… just like how sugar would. I’m sure others will claim that this has powers to slow time down, elevate a rich cuppa, perhaps even given them a glimpse of what heaven must taste like.

But if you’re hoping that this cube will magically change the taste of whatever it is you’re it adding to, then you’re definitely missing the point entirely. What we can agree on is: this sugar rush will feel like no other.

The sugar cubes are available in boxes (stylish white briefcases with gold clasps, to be exact) of three pieces, up to 20. A box of five costs €150 (S$240) for the classic edition, and €190 ($304) for the premium edition. Of course, the sky’s the limit should your sugar bowl need a refill.