Singapore’s top bridal designer Jessicacindy test drives the Vacheron Constantin Egérie collection

Singapore’s top bridal designer Jessicacindy Hartono on the haute couture inspirations behind the Vacheron Constantin Egérie collection

We’ve said it before and we will say it again: women’s watches have gotten increasingly exciting in recent years, as watchmakers have been placing emphasis on designs and mechanics that have been specifically engineered for the fairer sex. And one watchmaker that’s made us sit up and take notice is Vacheron Constantin.

This year, again, the Swiss watchmaker has proven that it truly understands what women want with the Egérie collection – where haute couture and haute horlogerie elements clash in a creative explosion of elegance, beauty and technical acumen.

Both disciplines have more in common than you might imagine: for one, they represent the highest echelon of their industries, and are approached by the finest artisans who have perfected the art of hand craftsmanship. Both haute horlogerie and haute couture represent the dichotomous relationship between past and future – while they might promote traditional crafts imbued in tradition, they allow for a freedom of creativity manifested in innovative techniques, crafts and even aesthetics.

Like an haute couture gown that warrants a close-up to truly appreciate its magnificent detailing, the Egérie is filled with details that delight upon closer inspection. Case in point: the multiple textures that can be seen on the dial, executed using the guillochage technique, and inspired by needlework and pleating as seen in haute couture. Or that off-centred sub-dial at 1 o’clock, that offers a quirky touch of surprise. How about the placement of the off-centred crown, which is set with either a moonstone or a rose-cut diamond (only available on the fully diamond-paved, white gold moonphase iteration).

To fully appreciate the link between Vacheron Constantin and haute couture, we tapped on the expertise of Jessicacindy Hartono, one of Singapore’s more premier bridal couture designers who’s been creating bespoke works of art for the past 10 years. In the video above, she speaks about her creative process, her latest collection, and her thoughts on the Egérie collection.

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