Date Night: Fireplace by Bedrock is a pet-friendly restaurant that does justice to open wood-fire cooking

Fireplace by Bedrock at One Holland Village sure knows how to play with fire

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In life, you win some, and you lose some. Same goes for dining at an establishment that does it all. Whether you want a view, some live show to make your weekend more interesting, or the green light to bring your dog along, chances are, the food isn’t going to be very good. Even if it is, it probably won’t be great. But then we have places like Fireplace by Bedrock at One Holland Village. Brought to you by Commonwealth Concepts, the same people behind Bedrock Bar & Grill, Fat Cow and Cin Cin, it loves its animal friends as much as it does food.

Bone Marrow Toast. Photo by Fireplace by Bedrock

What’s it like at Fireplace by Bedrock?

The casual grill launched late last year as an extension of the Bedrock brand, which since 2008 has revolved around the philosophy of making ‘simple and classic’ delicious and unforgettable. As its name suggests, it cooks everything on an open wood fire, bringing out each ingredient’s innate, rustic flavours right to your plate. The open kitchen anchors the main dining space, where the chefs can be seen working the fire with various produce proudly displayed in a glass showcase. Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows brighten the space, while the rich and earthy palette make dining in cosy, even if you’re sharing the space with 55 other guests.

Those with a furry friend can relax in the breezy outdoor terrace, and if the pup is small enough, the restaurant is cool about it sitting at the table with you.

Dirty Duck. Photo by Fireplace by Bedrock

What should we order?

Definitely the Dirty Duck, an Irish duck rubbed with spices (cumin and Sichuan peppercorn, for instance), sous vide to retain its full flavour and finished on an applewood-fired grill. Supplement it with the Watermelon Feta Salad, Bone Marrow Toast and Octopus Tentacles, served with coriander pesto and ever so smoky and tender. Other must-orders include the Porterhouse Steak and Spanish Suckling Pig that’s slow-cooked over fire until the skin delights with a crisp. Order in advance if you are sure about the pig.

As for dessert, the Lemon Pound Cake is pretty special. Baked with sour cream for an extra moist crumb, each slice of cake is brushed with melted butter, lightly grilled over fire, and served with crème fraîche and berry compote. It is the epitome of the Bedrock philosophy—so simple, so good, so unforgettable.

What else is there to know?

If you are new to Bedrock, try the set lunch, available all weekdays except public holidays. Get to try starters like the Squid Tentacle or Beef Tongue Salad, and mains like the Asado Pork Belly, Lamb Ribs or Dry-Aged Ribeye, and for an extra S$6, there will be dessert (including that Lemon Pound Cake) and coffee or tea to be had. Fireplace also has an impressive wine, spirit and cocktail list.

Fireplace by Bedrock
7 Holland Village Way,
One Holland Village,
Singapore 275748
Tel: +65 6589 8760