Franklin Tang, the CEO of Habitap, is determined to help others make the most out of life

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Habitap, the one tap to rule it all

It’s a camera, wallet, diary, and now, it can control your home and office spaces. You use it to pay bills, manage your workflow and even pass through turnstiles where security access is required. Sound dystopic? It’s really not. It’s just your smartphone.

We may call the above a tech revolution – one that remoulds lives; but Franklin Tang, CEO of Habitap, simply calls it smart living. The one-stop (or rather, tap) application allows users to turn on the air-conditioning, and book a meeting room, from wherever they are in the world, effectively transforming commercial, residential and office spaces into smart living areas. And there’s more to it than just convenience: Habitap is equipped with banking-grade security, which means that only authenticated devices will receive access.

And with Tang at the helm, it’s no surprise that Habitap is continuously growing alongside the developments in technology. In fact, the company is slated to launch version 2.0 in this quarter, with a focus on enhancing and augmenting seamless user experience with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data. A major upgrade is Habitap Handy, an AI-equipped smart home management system where control of in-house devices can be done via messaging apps. That’s right – you can literally text your house, and expect a reply, too.

“I am fortunate to have witnessed the early days of the Internet. Technology has grown to be much closer to the end users in the past 20 years, it’s essential for businesses know the right types of technology to deploy in order to remain competitive.

In the coming decade, we need to harness the full power of technology, using it to provide a more sustainable environment for ourselves.

My personal mantra is “I can build a world-class brand.”

I am inspired by reading about the success stories of other entrepreneurs and interacting with like-minded people, throwing out ‘crazy’ ideas and having a good time dreaming out new products and services.

My goal this year is to build a sustainable organisation, which means striking a balance between profit, an improvement in the lives of Habitap’s users and providing a high quality of life for my staff. I’d also like to be agile in terms of my leadership style and thinking, to suit the dynamic business environment we’re in.

In the toughest of times, I often tell my team that things will always work out – as long as we stay focussed and think out of the box.

I have a passion for cars. I just purchased the Mercedes G Wagon, which I find really special. I’ve always loved the idea of a retro-looking vehicle with a brand-new interior and upgraded engine.

My favourite fashion brand is Dior. I love the material, construction and cut of its suits.

Business casual is my go-to style from Mondays to Fridays. On weekends, it’s casual; I’ve a five-year-old child, which means I need take a more practical approach which comes in the form of t-shirts, chinos and sneakers.

My most prized possession is the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712. It’s was gift from my wife for my birthday. It makes a great everyday watch; it’s understated yet outstanding.

I would tell my 18-year-old self to focus on connecting the dots, regardless of situation or age.”

This story first appeared in the April 2021 issue, which you may purchase as a hard or digital copy