Gem Dior’s jewellery by Victoire de Castellane features the full spectrum of precious and semi-precious stones including rubellites and spinels

Dior Joaillerie’

Dior Joaillerie’s creative director, who marks her 20th year in her role this year, has launched the 99-piece Gem Dior ‘architectural’ collection, where crystal-like stones take centre stage

Victoire de Castellane’s new jewellery collection began on a Post-it.

“[A collection is born] always in the same way: I have the image of the finished jewel in my head, I make a quick sketch on a Post-it, I talk about it with my team, who would then draw the real dimensions of the jewel, often from various angles,” she explains. “We’d then submit this design to the ateliers based in Paris.”

The designer launched her Gem Dior collection in Venice in June and this year also happens to mark the 20th anniversary of her role as Dior Joaillerie’s creative director.

We meet in a lounge at Aman Venice, where the Gem Dior collection, displayed to VIPs and media, is watched attentively by remarkably attractive security personnel.

De Castellane breezes into the lounge with more grace than most of us could ever hope to achieve. Her effortless charm aside, she also has that subtle air of refinement that is not so much seen as it is felt. She is, after all, a descendent of aristocrats.