Meet the hypercar fronting the EV revolution in China

As the brand’s newest and fastest model, HiPhi A could possibly be the current peak in China’s electric vehicle boundary-pushing technology

In the fast-paced world of electric vehicles, Chinese manufacturer HiPhi is making waves by venturing into the hypercar territory with its newly announced masterpiece, the HiPhi A. Set to join a portfolio that already boasts the X, Y, and Z models, the HiPhi A is gearing up for a limited-edition launch in early 2025, promising a fusion of cyberpunk aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, and mind-bending performance.

What sets HiPhi apart from its Chinese counterparts is its unwavering focus on the premium market. The HiPhi X, a luxurious MPV with distinctive two-part rear doors, and the imminent HiPhi Y, a high-riding SUV, already showcase the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries in design. The HiPhi Z, a gadget-laden alternative to the Porsche Taycan, underlines HiPhi’s determination to make a mark in the premium electric vehicle segment.

Now, the HiPhi A takes the stage, designed to outshine its siblings in terms of performance without sacrificing practicality. The cyberpunk-styled four-door hypercar boasts an angularity reminiscent of post-DeLorean aesthetics, coupled with an Extreme E-style body kit. Crafted from forged carbon fiber and titanium alloy, with cameras replacing traditional wing mirrors, the HiPhi A is a visual and technological spectacle.

HiPhi A. Photo by HiPhi

HiPhi has collaborated with WESail New Energy Automotive to leverage the powertrain and learnings from its Apollo supercar, ensuring the HiPhi A delivers a jaw-dropping zero to 100km/h time of around two seconds. With three motors generating a maximum power of 1305 PS, the HiPhi A promises an exhilarating driving experience.

Underpinning the HiPhi A’s performance is its self-developed omnidirectional vectoring chassis control, featuring a nearly 50:50 weight distribution, rear-wheel active steering, race-level carbon ceramic brakes, and advanced suspension systems for precise handling. The 800V platform-based electric powertrain delivers a peak power of 960 kW from three motors, featuring ultra high-strength carbon fibre components and intelligent cooling systems to maximise performance.

The HiPhi A’s battery system, also based on the 800V platform, boasts a 1.5-megawatt maximum discharge power, enhanced by advanced safety features such as a carbon fibre skid plate with bulletproof coating and a real-time battery monitoring system.

With a maximum speed of over 290 km/h and an impressive torque of 13,800 NM at the wheels, the HiPhi A emerges as a formidable player in the hypercar arena. While details on price, range, and weight are yet to be disclosed, the HiPhi A’s potential success signals a shift in the perception that only high-flying legacy brands can dominate the electrified sport and luxury market.